2018 SFC - Connacht Championship

Mayo v Galway less than a month away…may as well kick these threads off.

(Aka, I’m very bored at work.)

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Question for those with a better knowledge. What happens if NY beat Leitrim. Leitrim dropping into the qualifiers at that stage would create an odd number of teams would it not given NY don’t participate in the qualifiers.

The Rossies get a BYE?

Thread title amended to remove West Britness :wink:

Why that’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me…sobs…does this mean…sobs…I’m finally from Glasnevin now?

I’m further south … near the Village …

Portarlington Village?

(Going by your desperate pleas for weather info for South Laois during Snowmageddon 2018)

Don’t really think that counts mate.

You could add a few consonants and vowels :wink: and title it “West Bitterness”

Jaysus Laois??? I’d rather stick pins in me eyes …

So Colm, (may I call you Colm, or do you prefer Mr Parkinson, or Mr Douchebag) what was with all the worry about Laois during the snow storm?

Or were you just “asking for a friend?”


Heavens no! But whenever I see a dog licking his balls I think of P**kinson …

I’d like this thread title to include the words “the people’s fodder thread”

Mystery solved in relation to what happens to Leitrim if NY win

They’ll play a preliminary qualifier against one of the other 1st round losers

3 Dublin lads playing Connacht championship this weekend.Brendan Gallagher(Lucan Sarsfields) with Leitrim and Ciaran Dunne & Eoin Murray both(St Marys) with London.

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So roscommon play the winners of leitrim vs london for a place in the final so even if they are beaten in final they are one match away from super 8s ,what a jokeshop.

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Is it all kicks off tomorrow. I really think the GAA are stupid in not making this game available on TV.

The games in NY are so much more than the actual game, it’s about meeting up with old friends and family. Irish people fly in from all over the US and of course the fans that fly over with the team.

I believe 2,500 Leitrim people have flown over which is increadable considering their population.

I’ll be over next year with Mayo and hopefully the fixture continues into the future.


Only 470 on return flights …

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I’d say McStay can’t believe his luck. Second year in a row too, they’ve been on the handy side of the draw.

Looking at the New York squad you have to feel they have a really good chance this year. I think Leitrim will need to be in their top gear for this, if their minds aren’t fully on the game (e.g. thinking about fundraising) I think New York will win.

If new york win do they go on to play roscommon ???