2018 SFC - Leinster Championship (Non Dublin games.)

Anyone but Dublin…never thunk I’d ever say that. :grinning:

Could we not just rename this ‘The Cannon Fodder thread’?

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Happy now?

God, I’m so easily led. :shushing_face::innocent::shushing_face:

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He would be happier if you spelt it correctly :rofl::joy:

Jesus. Some people are never satisfied. :rofl:

Spending too much time in the confessional PD?

Bless me fodder for I have sinned???

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Ah yeah, but as long as there’s a happy ending, no one’s complaining.

Does Aaron Byrne get any appearances off the bench in Lenister this year?

It’s headlines like this that add fuel to the “arrogant Dubs” accusations, it’s a bit smug for my liking.*

*(Other Opinions Are Available)

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Nothing arrogant about it. The state of football in Leinster is absolutely disgraceful. And it shames the county boards of Meath, Kildare, Laois and Offaly in particular.

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I was worried I might be wrong til you disagreed with me.

I can tell you the Meath county board feel no shame. To feel shame one has to acknowledge that one has done something wrong. Meath county board don’t feel they have done something wrong. Maybe we need to have a marshal Aid programme for ex all ireland winning counties in leinster.

Pathetic. Counties in Leinster are an embarrassment


Disgrace of a competition at this stage

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Am i correct in saying that if Offaly beat Wicklow the game will be in portlaoise and if Wicklow win the game will be in tullamore?

Other way around

Its from an alternate universe that meath put 5 goals past us 8 years ago at this stage

Also completely forgotten that 3 of those 5 goals should never have been allowed. We got done in that game but if that game hadn’t happened would Pat have revamped our whole appriach and everything that followed from there…?:grinning:

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I don’t think he did re-vamp it based on that. I think the goals were scored because the players hadn’t actually worked out how to play the system he wanted them to play. The change afterwards was that the players finally bought into the plan.