2018 SFC - Leinster Championship (Non Dublin games.)

The goals were scrored primarily because we were screwed by the referee reffing that game.

The old saying “ u mite think it but don’t say it”
Comes to mind with the title of this thread … really really don’t like it and imo shud be removed …

It’s up there with a lot of references to 5 in row on a lot of comments …

Yes we have a great team who show respect to all opponents from first round of Leinster to All Ireland final and I really feel this site shud insist on same …


Fair 'nuff.

Wow … this place … sometimes. Has Willie Joe moved in?


Ah come on. Any talk of taking Leinster seriously or treating it with respect is delusional. It’s a farce of a competition. That’s the truth of the matter. Meath, Kildare and Laois deserve zero respect and I mean that. Maybe calling it as it is is the kindest approach for them because there’s no excuse for us being 1/20. Them odds are down to the disgraceful state of every other county in Leinster bar Carlow who are actually performing above their level currently. Dublin wouldn’t even be 1/5 to win Ulster Connaught or Munster. All we have to do is turn up and play at 60 percent and we win it. The province is a disgrace plain and simple

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No excuse from meath or Kildare especially. They have decent populations and should be a hell of a lot better. Kildare had some decent minor teams in the past. Nothing translated to senior.

this is unbelievable about kildare , they beat meath to set up a meeting with us in last year’s Leinster final which they duly lost ,they then played armagh in the next match and were beaten ,that’s their year over.Fast forward to obryne cup in 2018 they lost both their games they then play 7 league games and lose every one of them !! Thats 11 games they have lost in a row and nearly a year since they last won one !!!


Meath’s problems are summed up by this fooking useless cunning stunt , trying to spin he retired himself from IC football .He was a liability for meath , more than likely mcatee told him he was surpless to requirements.

Skip to 0.37s to see why he no longer plays IC football


They are in the Shite and 3 of his club mates have walked off the panel too after the league.

Mc Entee isn’t the most popular man and is apparently arguing with everyone

But at least they aren’t Wickla and there massive supporters, brings a new meaning to one man and his dog


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Wexford up 1-08 to 0-02 after 27 mins v Laois!!


Ht 1-10 to 0-03

1-14 each one min to go

That’s some collapse by wexford :neutral_face:

Laois equalised with a pen. Wex got one deep in injury time and pointed it but Laois equalised again - ET coming up. Mad


Laois win by 6 points aet . Some going .

Davy Fitz must go

Offaly and Wicklow gone to ET :open_mouth:

Damnit! Those extra 20 minutes are gonna really stand to whoever wins for our game …