2018 SFC - Leinster Championship (Non Dublin games.)

Wicklow 3 up at HT in ET

Looke like portlaoise so

Not a happy camp in Offaly. Nigel Dunne taken off in first half and about to leave ground at half time. Brought back on in second half and misses a penalty.

Crazy stuff … Gavin obviously pushed out to do a job … not one for an ex-referee I’d have thought.

Sometimes players can be revolting.

You missed out on double scores there kemo sahbee


Offaly manager sacked this evening.

They said there was a statement of support from the players but there was obviously something wrong

Brian Gavin was on otb slating him.He seems to have alot of insider knowledge of whats going on within the panel .Its hardly surprising really after you listen to it . There’s also that incident at the club game in Kerry which was rather unsavoury

Gavin was clearly sent out to bat for the players (this’ll prob get deleted now!) which is also quite unsavoury …


What happened in Kerry?

Im not defending Wallace but it was a complete hatchet job from Gavin . If ever happened within the Dublin camp now id be fairly pissed off to be honest , reminded me abit of the Tommy Lyons saga .

Indeed. To see an ex inter county ref involved in that kind of thing is unedifying. Gavin always liked the limelight…

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Was Wallace managing Ardert as well as Offaly?

Billy Sheehan was part of the backroom team. Is he gone as well?

Wallace’s backroom team, which includes fellow Kerry men Billy Sheehan and Brendan Kealy along with Ferbane’s Paul Mollen, have also been given their marching orders.

According to the link above he was with the club at the time , in what capacity , i dont know .

Has form for this - got his suspension in Offaly overturned to enable him to ref in Croke Park!!!

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All playing out very badly for Offaly GAA. Bit of road to go yet on this one.