2018 SFC - Munster Championship

Easy win for Clare over Limerick. I know Limerick wouldn’t be up to much but Clare had a decent run in NFL2, just missing out on promotion. I’d rate Clare as 2nd to Kerry in Munster and I think they could well beat anyone else in Leinster, other than Dublin.

They’ve certainly made progress steadily and in a low-key way.

Aye, but it’s a long long way for them to here!

And as far as I know, it’s gets further by the day. Awful disadvantage really

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At times you have to question who makes the fixtures for the GAA. Having only played last weekend Tipperary have to play again this weekend. I thought maybe because Tipperary are playing Cork in both the football and hurling they were looking to stage a double header. But despite both games being played in Semple Stadium there is no double header, the football will be played on Saturday evening and the Hurling on Sunday afternoon. Why isn’t this a double header? Or if you can’t have a double header why is the football being played this weekend in stead of next weekend like the other Munster semi-final?

Thrown in for that match is 7 pm tommrrow , they got 1500 at the waterford match last Saturday, i would say you could knock a zero off that attendence for the crowd that will be there tomorrow night

… and who wrote the song?

Odds increasing of a mstch in POC with cork beating tipp.Or even a match in killarney ???

Cork gave them a trimming. They might fancy an upset in the Munster final

Cork have a better chance of beating Dublin in this year’s Munster Final.

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We could well get a game in Killarney, which would be something else.

Said it from the moment the Super8s came in, Hill 17 is going back Leeside

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Now that’s a road trip to look forward to !

A day out against Cork, Kerry or Galway in any of Thurles, Pairc, Killarney or Limerick would be brilliant. If the supporters, the Dubs will obviously, buy into the super 8’s there could be some epic days out.

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As long as Cork don’t get hammered in the Munster final and lose confidence as a result, they only need to win one more game to make Super 8s

I see Tomas O Se reckons the new Super8 series will help Kerry - believing that games against Clare (should they win), Cork and three Super 8 games will see them iron out any problems.
For me, the more they played Mayo last year, the more they were exposed.

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There seems to be an expectation about Kerry (and not just in Kerry) that all these young lads will fit seamlessly into Senior football …

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There was an artictle during the week , dont know which one , which confirmed what we all believed . Its not that he chose to bring in these new lads , he had no choice .