2018 SFC - Ulster Championship

What. About. Ye !!!

(Is there any point in starting one for Munster? Kerry will win it. Cork are shyte. And Clare & Tipp are not within an arses roar of seriously challenging Kerry. That’s about it really.)

Again UFC2018 would’ve been good …


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I’d like this to be called The dirty diesel-soaked fodder thread

I don’t feel an awful lot has changed since this time last year, in that the winners are almost certainly going to come from one of Tyrone, Donegal or Monaghan. Are there any other possible winners? Well next in line for me would be Cavan. I could see them possibly shocking one of the big three on a given day, but not doing it twice, which would be required to lift an Ulster.

This afternoon, Cavan play Donegal in Ballybofey. Both teams swapped places in the league, but I expect that league form to be largely irrelevant and Donegal to come out on top, comfortably, by around six points.

Winning that will mean Donegal travel to Celtic Park to play Derry, who are at an extremely low ebb, following relegation to Division 4. Although league form can be meaningless come Championship, and Derry are better than their league position suggests, there is still a significant gap between the two and I expect Donegal to progress.

In the semi-final, they would be due to play the winners of Down and Antrim, who play in Newry. Down themselves are at a low enough ebb, whilst Antrim had a decent enough Division 4 campaign, finishing third behind Laois and Carlow. I expect it to be Down, with home advantage being enough to see them take it comfortably.

A Donegal v Down semi-final will only see one winner - Donegal.

In the other half of the draw, two of the top three meet in Omagh as Tyrone host Monaghan. My sense is that Tyrone have come back a bit from last year, and Monaghan are improving, but again I feel home advantage will be telling with Tyrone coming out on top.

The other quarter-final sees ourselves travel to Enniskillen next Saturday evening to play Fermanagh. Two average enough teams, despite both getting promoted to Division 2. Matches between the two tend to be low scoring, tight and unattractive affairs, and I expect no different next week. I think we might sneak it due to our more numerous scoring options, but a draw or a narrow defeat would be no surprise. Regardless of that, the winner will bow out in the next round to the winners from Omagh.

Therefore, given the manner in which the draw has fallen, I would envisage Donegal playing the winners of Tyrone on Ulster Final Day, with Tyrone coming out on top.


Great summary Groucho. Pity so few Ulster games are on the telly this year. Awful shame RTE didn’t redo the TV rights deals when the new champo formats were thunk up.

Agreed - today’s match is a game I’d love to have seen live. My understanding is - and I’m open to correction - that each match that is not shown live will be shown in its entirety at a later time. I think this afternoon’s game is on at 7.00 pm on BBC2.

Surely the GAA deserve an equal slap for not thunking of this issue either when the championship structure change got the go-ahead.

Dunno why but I think Monaghan could turn over Tyrone if they go about it the right way, even in Omagh. They’ve developed a level of consistency (outside of the AI knock-out phase) that bodes well for them. Clerkin has done a really super job & they seem to have developed a stronger panel. The stand-out game in Ulster, without question (sorry Rufus).

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Sorry. I meant to say the GAA all along. Yeah, your 100% right. No idea why they didn’t see this being an issue down the line. It’s simple maths really.

A case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’, or maybe there simply is no interest at all? Either way, Donegal were far too good for Cavan, which calls into question the relevance of league form. Haven’t seen the match yet, but by all accounts Donegal could have racked up 6-25 instead of the meagre 2-20 they finished with.

Cavan now head to the qualifiers, having shied 6-36 in their last two games. I definitely think they have the ability to progress and I still wouldn’t rule out a Super 8 appearance with a wee bit of luck.

For Donegal, they are now in with Derry and the winners of Down and Antrim, so an Ulster Final appearance should be the least of their ambitions.

The table is set for Donegal to make it to the final. Then even a loss would give them a one game shot at the Super 8. Tyrone v Monaghan should be tight. Pity it’s not on live. I have the GAAGO and it’s on tape delay 2pm here in Trumpyland. I’ve always had a soft spot for Monaghan. Patrick Kavanagh and Patrick McCabe. Two great men to wield a pen. I hope they prevail on Sunday. Suffice to say I never had any gra for Tir Eoghain. 'Nuff said.

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With 14 minutes to go up in Brewster Park, Fermanagh & Armagh have put a whopping 0-10 - 0-6 on the board. Sounds like a rip roaring affair. Not ! :crazy_face:

And in the last 10 minutes, the two teams have combined to put an even more whopping total of 1 pt on the board.

Fermanagh 0-11 Armagh 0-6

Don’t tell me they’re playing Connacht football …

All over.

Fermanagh 0-12 Armagh 0-7.

Good day at the office for Santys Little Helper.

Commiserations Rufus, but Jesus…3 pts from play in the entire game, none in the second half. That makes for grim reading.

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Always good to see Geezer work his magic!!

Strange that Armagh got no bounce whatsoever from the success of the early Noughties

Kieran Mcgeeney what a legend

If I was Armagh and @Rufus_T_Firefly iI’d politely tell him to take a long deserving break from football management, a long one

An absolutely abject performance from Armagh - terrible in all aspects of the game. We had something like 13 wides - our passing was atrocious - players took wrong options and we carried the ball into contact and lost our way totally. Our last score from play was in the sixteenth - yes, 16th - minute of the game.

We went in at half time, 6-4 down, and now playing into the wind, we received a straight red for another piece of brainless play when Niall Grimley laid the ball off and anticipating a late hit from Quigley, raised his forearm and smacked him in the chops!

We managed to dominate for a ten minute spell in the second half when 10-4 down but never remotely looked like reeling them in.

Fermanagh to be fair have a game plan that makes the best use of their resources. They are well drilled and disciplined and have picked up a lot of Ricey’s nicer habits when it comes to verbals and feigning injury. An observation only I hasten to add - wish we could show as much in the way of intelligence.

In all my years watching Armagh, that is the first time I think I have ever seen a Fermanagh side that I could say is better than us. We simply do not have the players, but with foreign training trips taking place, I’d expect a wee bit more to be brought to the party. The absence of many of our better players was also brought into sharp focus tonight.

Anyway, the plus is that we do not have to play the winners of Monaghan and Tyrone. Awful. :disappointed:


Commiserations Rufus. McGeeney was an inspirtational player most times. As a custodian he has failed miserably. If ‘thick’ Mickey doesn’t come up with a plan “B” he will follow Mc G out the door too.

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