2018 Super 8’s, Tyrone v Dublin, 21st July, Healy Park, 7pm (SKY)

Fingers crossed for a more complete performance from our forwards and we’ll see if Tyrone have learnt anything from last August.


Will be interesting. Dublin are in a bit of a comfort zone now as will hammer the bejaysus out of the Rossies and qualify one way or the other.

Tyrone have to beat Dublin or Donegal and will possibly see this as a better option than Donegal in Ballybofey. Kitchen sinks and all that. Don’t think they have the men or the mentality to do what they used to do to teams in the past. Dublin won’t be thrown off by anything the bould Mickey comes up with.

A combination of Tyrone having to come out, and Dublin in zen mode should see us over the line. Then we can all turn up with our boots and ask Jimmy for a game against the Rossies :grinning::grinning:


Will be interesting alright. Gavin said this,

"We will need to be putting up scores at the other end. That gives us something to reflect upon, it won’t be good enough."

I’d say training this week will be fun. Wonder will CC start.

Tickets on sale at gaa.tickets.ie now

anyone aware of any special going buses up? Bus Eireann seems to be sold out…

That’s my plan down the drain! Some clubs are planning to run buses but will depend on numbers. No club I imagine is going to have enough tickets to justify anything bigger than a mini bus, unless some heads get together and run some jointly.

Looking forward to this, this game has the potential to derail both teams year. It should be a cracker

Went into the first game on Saturday night for this particular reason, especially considering in the league it appeared they played a more offensive style always keeping 2 inside.

Well from what I observed on Saturday, they played in an identical fashion to last year. I was actually amazed to see no tweaks at all. The game was very similar to their game against Armagh last year. Before last year’s semi final I wrote about their game plan and how they can be beaten and the same principles applies for this year

Their game plan is still as structured as ever, and it’s actually fascinating to watch individual players in this system. They are exactly the same with the ball as they were last year, breaking out in little groups of players. They never over commit and in the event of a turnover they always will have bodies back. Burns who wears number 6 is very good at getting forward, but also knows when to hold his position.

They only ever leave one man up in the forwards, which was either McAliskey or Richie Donnelly. Last year it was Mark Bradley and I’d be more worried about him than these guys. I’d imagine our plan will once again be Fitz as marker and Jonny and COS covering in front, to protect us for when they break out from defence. Tracking the runners will be as important as ever to prevent them from creating the amount of chances they did at the weekend.

Their tactic on the opposition’s kickout remains unchanged, which I find interesting considering how we caught them out with this last year. They push up to try and put as much pressure on, but once the ball is kicked, Cavanagh turns and sprints to the D. His role in this team is one of the most fascinating because he plays probably the most rigid role with no flexibility. He did that every time without fail after a Ros kickout on Saturday. If the ball goes to the wing the opposite wing forward retreats alongside Cavanagh to protect their full back line.

My worry compared to last year is that we seem content with our lateral handpassing game again this year. This plays into Tyrone’s hands. They’ll want you to play this way, and will let us have the ball until we reach their 45 when they’ll have their defensive screen set up which won’t be easy to break down. We need to be direct and positive with the ball in hand, and create our scoring chances before they’ve their structure set up which will be more difficult to break down. Also slightly worried our overall form isn’t as good as last year and I don’t think it can be just turned on like a switch

That said, while I have my worries, I’m still confident of a win. The reason being that Tyrone have not altered how they play. They are playing the same style as when we completely dismantled them last year. Our players know exactly how to beat them. Our management know exactly how to break down this system. The result simply depends on whether we execute the plan we have effectively once more. I don’t expect last year’s margin of victory at all, I expect it to be much closer, but I’m more than confident that once the game is played on our terms, the result will look after itself.


It’s also brilliant to finally have a meaningful championship game outside of Croke Park. The atmosphere is going to be electric. It’ll feel like a proper championship game, and I for one am really looking forward to the trip to Omagh.


Yes indeed it will be a proper championship game .Tyrone have lost the corner back McCarron and Cananagh did not finish the game. He appeared to be limping a bit-definitely not 100 %. Advantage Dublin who have a clean bill of health after last Saturday.

I have family roots in Tyrone. Am told that Tyrone plan to narrow the pitch significantly and deprive Dublin the space to break the gain line. So I expect a tough physical affair with the Tyrone game plan bases on winning turnovers. So on a horses for courses basis I expect Philly and Paddy to start with Murchan and A N Other to drop out. Mind you Johnny Small would relish the physicality of the game.

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Its funny I was just wondering that about the pitch myself. Omagh and Croker are the same width, which obviously plays into our hands. A smaller, narrower pitch gives us less space, and makes their game plan easier to implement and enforce. But it’s just another challenge that needs to be overcome.

I also agree on the team selection. While Murchan did absolutely nothing wrong, he was in the team for a very specific reason so I wouldn’t be shocked to see him drop out. Andrews didn’t feature at all on Saturday though which would suggest he’s slid down the pack a bit, but I do expect a change or 2 up front as well

Don’t think Dublin have anything to fear from a physical battle. But might need some changes if that is to be the order of the day.

Speaking of moving sidelines, Antrim did that when we played them a few years ago, but it was so badly executed that no-one including players and linesman knew which was the actual one! They had moved stand line about two feet in but line was still there and you could tell by the grass! Beat them by 13/14 points so didn’t benefit them.

Davy Bryne seems to have dropped off the radar completely. Is Jim rotating players seeing that Philly or Andrews didn’t see any games time at the weekend ?

Davy Byrne was in a leg boot not too long ago. Not sure what is up with Andrews but I would presume Philly’s recent personal matters played a major part in him not featuring.

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Ah right , I’d forgotten about Philly .
So Davy has an injury ?

There is a myth going back to Ricey and Dooher and them boys that Tyrone can put it up physically and otherwise to likes of Dublin and Kerry. That myth was demolished last year and in Omagh in the league. They are average enough team on all available evidence, a good bit behind Donegal for believers in collateral form.

Which of course means that they will not want to be having to win their last game up there.

Fair enough but only nutters can believe they have a better chance of beating Dublin than Donegal, no matter where the match is played. They’ll be looking to lose by less than Donegal. That’s the best they can hope for, barring the shock of the decade.

Hard to see Tyrone beating Dublin…it’s unlikely the tide will have turned so dramatically since the semifianl and this year’s league game.

And as avb said…there’s no significant change in Tyrone’s tactics or personnel.

The last 2 big scoring games have come out of the blue…so it makes you wonder how bad Cork are (and fKerry who also hammered them).

But I expect Tyrone to be fired up and play out of their skins. If nothing else, MH won’t want to go to Ballybofey looking 2 points. The record up there is awful.

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Simply let us score the first point than sit back and watch us play keep ball for 69 mins😂