2018 Super 8's Dublin v Donegal 14th July, Croke Park, Live on RTE 2, Throw In 7pm

Big loss for Donegal.

Jeeze that is pretty awful for Donegal and a huge blow.

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That is poxy, for all of us. Super player.

Huge arse mind you. In a non-judgemental way.


Massive loss and key player to Donegal’s new method of play.


Donegal’s chances against us just took a big hit with that news. I wonder will they keep their powder dry for Round 2 and 3 now.

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I doubt it. No manager is deliberately going to throw a match, it could do huge psychological damage to the team

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Huge loss to Donegal. As a Walkinstown Cross lad by birth and upbringing he could have been a massive player with Dublin. Hopefully he takes some comfort and example from the speedy return to action by the likes of Dr. Jack and Ciaran Kilkenny and that we see him back playing with his adopted home county of Donegal by the time the NFL comes around.


He is a big loss. Had a massive game v cork last year 10 points or something like that in the game. Didn’t do a whole pile against us in the QF though but to be fair Donegal were playing a brutal style last year. I actually seriously fancied Donegal to upset us and a few others but his loss is a body blow don’t know if the can replace his scoring power.

Serious player and a massive loss to Donegal. Hope he makes a speedy and full recovery. He was unmarkable this year in the league v Dublin in Croker. His every shot was a score. Best individual performance I have seen from a forward this year. I hear his uncle has a senior all Ireland medal for Dublin.1983. I wonder if anybody who was on the hill in 1983 could name him?

gerry hargan?

Tommy Conroy. Cousin, not uncle.

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Urban myth I fink …

'Tis true. He’s spoken about him in interviews & how he would have played for Vincents if the family stayed here.

Myth that he was an uncle - will take your word re cousin though I never heard that before and surprised at that given the Conroy’s big part in Dublin GAA over the years.

"McBrearty is a proud Kilcar man, but he was actually born in Dublin and first played football with St James’s Gaels.

McBrearty is a cousin of Tommy Conroy, who managed St Vincent’s to the All-Ireland club title in 2014, and who won an All-Ireland and All Star with Dublin in the 1980s."


so Tommy Conroy is the answer.enjoyed that article ProudDub.

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While a tear sees the end of his season hopefully Paddy Mc will be back sooner rather than later as a rupture would have been even worse. I know of a 13 year old who did his ACL a fortnight ago - his sister, a couple of years older, is just coming back from the same. Shocking stuff. :open_mouth:

His mother is a first cousin of Tommy and Vinnie Conroy. His uncle Barry was involved as a selector with Ballyboden St Endas some years ago and played with An Caislean as a juvenile and at senior level.

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That a good one. Never realised Barry was his uncle. Liam O’Dwyer was managing Ballyboden at that time. when Barry was selector. Another ex St James Gaels man.

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Thanks ProudDub. Interesting Article and nice touch by Charlie Redmond to ring Murphy