2018 World Cup Finals

Kevin Keegan parody account on twitter:

It was agony choosing my final England squad for Euro 2000 - phoning the lads who missed out was tough. I remember breaking the news to John Hartson that I wouldn’t be taking him.
“Kev, I’m Welsh,” he said.
“That’s the spirit, son,” I replied.


Johnny Giles on the old off the ball ( b4 the current mayo love in crowd)!could nt understand why Gareth bale was nt getting an England call up.

He had an English granny although whether Johnny knew that is another story :slightly_smiling_face:

Speaking of parodies et al, I think this forum has some of the funniest stuff on it I’ve read anywhere (outside here of course!) Now clearly it is Man Utd biased but if you can get around that there’s some very clever and witty posts and wind-ups, especially in this series, which goes back at least 10 years or more:

History Channel showing some good documentaries and the official World Cup movies over the next 10 days or so.
Might whet the appetite given the seriously low key build up to this years event.
I know we arnt in it but I was counting the weeks down to the last one.
While we are at it big shout out to my favourite WC, Spain in 82. That Italy Brazil Argentina 2nd round group produced some classic games not to mention the France Germany semi final.

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That semi-final had it all, and the Brazil-Italy game was fantastic football, shame about all the cynical stuff in those days. The final wasn’t great but Tardelli’s goal and celebration is the way to win any WC. NI beating Spain was pretty amazing too.

One night in Turin on at the moment . The book it’s based on “all played out”’by Pete Davis is a great read. Based on England 1990 qualifying campaign it was in-depth stuff not common in soccer journalism at the time. Favorite part was terry butcher saying he fucked out his simple minds tapes when he found out Jim Kerr was a Celtic fan.

One of my favourite books…
The way the media treated a gentleman like Bobby Robson was shameful.


Davis is a good writer , he wrote about the Doncaster belles women’s team. “I lost my heart to the belles” which was the basis for a tv drama. Worth a read imo.

Will check it out, thanks.

FAI treated him terribly as well. Getting him to go on Liveline after the San Marino debacle. Made worse by the fact he was suffering from cancer at the time

Christ - he had to speak to Joe Duffy???

Or Marian Finucane?

Leroy Sane left out of the Germany squad.

It must be some squad for them to leave him out of it.

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That’s insane.
Or is it outsane?

Reason given?

Clash of strips … Gaza …

Sure he’s retired no?

This guy :rage:

“I think it’s the biggest party in football, playing in the World Cup. All the best players are there. Zlatan is not there so… he should have been there. But he’s not there.”