2019 All-Ireland Ladies Senior Football Final: Dublin vs Galway

The game is less than a week away and even though the AI Men’s Football replay has taken up most of the attention but the AI Senior Ladies’ Football Final deserves its recognition too.

What is the Dublin backs plan to keep Tracey Leonard quiet? :thinking:

Don’t let her get the ball

Niamh Collins is an excellent full back possibly her. Byrne and Rutledge are two excellent corner backs also

Yeah, I think it will be a combo of Martha Byrne and Niamh Collins to mark her throughout the match.

Yeah I think you’re right those three did very well against the Cork full forward line I expect the same on Sunday

No harm to Galway, but 1/10 Dublin is pretty much a reflection of the likely outcome. Dublin to win very comfortably.

I will struggle to make this game and it kills me. Love watching the ladies play, they’re a fabulous team with superb attitudes. The bookies have this spot on IMO.


Yes, it’s hard to see Dublin being stopped by this Galway team. There’s a good crowd of girls and mentors from my daughter’s team heading in but I’m going to wait and see what state I’m in on Sunday morning before buying a ticket.

I’m heading in with my daughter’s team too - tickets sales seem brisk too - wonder will it break the 50k mark again - I hope I am dying with a hangover from celebrating the night before!

upper tiers now on sale for Sunday. Great to see and will encourage more girls around the country to get out and play. Hopefully there will be 3 great games as a true reflection of the increasing standard across the board

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There’s an AFL game on before that hopes your not


That is very true - I only ever have a few beers after the game so Saturday will be no different especially knowing I have a game the next day.

Just buy the fuckn ticket and go


The Missy’s is heading in

Mick Bohan’s thoughts before the match.

Get a curer in there, or hopefully just keep it going

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Believe the team paraded around behind a bag pipe before a game in dcu during the week .

They tried to get the Artane Band but they were double booked…

that’s a standard with Mick. He wants it to be normalised so they don’t get extra nervous

Yes,I would say galway had them booked that night

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