2019 All Stars / POTY Awards

With one game left who’s in the running for FOTY / all stars. Clifford nearly a cert for YPOTY.

Aidan O’Shea obviously, for all of them, including keeper.


Mannion for me, he has been class all year

Mannion, Howard and Con for me. Fenton the next closest.

POTY for me has to be Con

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Has to be Mannion for me, if he has a great final who knows.

Con for me.


If Clifford has a good final he could get it, he is being hyped more then reality suggests he should. It could continue.

But for me, it it should be Cluxton. He has been completely faultless, probably his best championship to date, and that’s saying something…


Cluxton fir POTY? Sure he can’t even get an all star fir having better years.

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Anti-Mayo bias aside Clarke didn’t put a foot wrong yesterday. Didn’t concede a goal or point , didn’t give away any kick outs , didn’t drop the ball once. The stats don’t lie. Nailed on all star


Mannion…has been different gravy altogether, throw in club football too (which they don’t) It’s a no brainer. He’s been simply superb

Surprised this thread has lasted longer than the all ireland final one :grinning:

Guaranteed all stars to date:
McCaffrey (despite yesterday)

What happened to it ?

Clifford is nailed on. Absolute cert . Stephen O Brien too

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Agreed. Forgot the Kerry lads for some reason. Moran too if he has a decent final.

Tom O’Sullivan probably get one at corner back.

If Dublin win the All Ireland it should be Mannion, I’d say Con is running him close now though.

If Kerry, it should be Stephen O’Brien

That’s pretty good going considering he wasn’t even playing yesterday.

Is there anything David Clarke can’t do? :joy:

Save penalties against Diarmuid Connolly :eyes:

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