2019 All Stars / POTY Awards

Tom O’Sullivan is the same type of player as Lee Keegan. Harte blackguarded all day and Deegan did nothing.


He continue to get away with this stuff while Jonny Cooper will be penalised for breathing on Clifford. Dorothy on OTB threw in about Cooper getting Conor Cox in headlock in Roscommon game. We will hear more of this stuff from kerry mafia in coming weeks.

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Honestly if we win this year anything other than a 1 to 15 Dublin is a farce. Clifford is a shoe in for YPOTY. POTY is between Con Mannion and Jack for me. Jack probably behind the other lads after yesterday.

Edit. The 1 to 15 is obviously tongue in cheek. Feel I need to say that these days. Certain posters would love to jump all over that

It’s Jack’s to lose imo. A half decent final and it’s his.

Stephen O’Brien over one of Con or Mannion (as we know theres no way Clifford isnt getting one)?

Lads there is still a final to play. To be discussing this ahead of what might happen there is quite pointless.


All four will get one . Mc Shane is the 5th . Anyone’s guess the other but probably Murphy so there is your 6. Donnelly won’t get one in the forwards


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Howard Rock Con and Mannion

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Don’t know how anyone could disagree there. Let alone a Dub. Some curious posts by certain posters would leave you wondering wouldn’t it?

Don’t think Deano will get one unless has a big final. Has only started 2 games.

I know what you mean but semi finals and finals are usually enough to win an all star. Super 8s has probably changed that a bit

Clifford didnt need semi or final to win ypoty last year.

Imo it’s between Con and Mannion with an honourable shout to Fenton. Whichever causes more damage against that full back line will win


Howard might have a shout too

Durcan might get POTY. Probably SOB or Clifford though

Rock hasn’t a hope I would assume sure he offered very little in open play on sat. His dead balls are bang on the money however and were needed in first half that Costello may have missed. Mannion, Con and Howard for me and even Scully has an outside chance but McShane and Clifford are in with O Se, O Brien and even Cox as a token mention.

Con after Saturday. One of the est man markers in the country couldn’t touch him, well, fairly anyway. He was immense. Howard and Fenton both unreal too, Mannion aswell

He won’t be in the running for POTY but his contribution is immense , and not just on frees. Watch Rocks movement for first Con goal for example. . He clears a space and is pointing to KK where to play the pass. 4 seconds later the ball is in the Mayo net.


will struggle I think

Con , Mannion, Clifford, Mc Shane and O Brien nailed on

So it’s one from Donnelly, Murphy and Howard

Fenton and Moran at midfield

Backs - Cooper - Jack - Durcan- nailed on Other 3 are anyone’s guess . O Sulivan from Kerry probably nailed on

cluxton has to get the goalkeeper