2019 Club Season Review

Now that its done and dusted what clubs would deem the season a good one and who would be unhappy. And what players have put the hand up to Mattie Kenny??

Cuala obviously happy but Id imagine bigger plans for themselves…Scoil must be the story of the season. Brigids id imagine while down must be pleased overall…

Player wise winters and Dunne from Brigids worth a good look at? Conor Ryan from Craobh?

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Dunne & O’Sullivan from Brigids for me really stood out. Winters thereabouts anyways.
Conor Ryan too should be involved. If Davey Keogh from TD & Lee Gannon can be involved early so can these guys of similar age.

In terms of who had a good year.
I don’t think brigids are going away.
Crokes, Boden, NaFianna haven’t moved on this year.
Craobh had a good year but they will be disappointed to end the way it did.

Cuala probably their least impressive in the final vrs how they were the rest of the season

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I feel the demise of O’Tooles and Pat’s P is worth a mention, not to promote their downfall but more so to use as a potential learning curve for other clubs that numbers in juvenile sections is paramount.

Comparing league campaigns with championship you have wonder where the likes of John’s & Na Fianna are actually at? Both finished ahead of brigids in league, yet didnt progress as far in champ.

Lucan are an anomaly (the cuala of the early 2000’s) and arguably should have had at least 1 county title in last 20 years.

What I find a little concerning for other teams is the number of 2nd and 3rd teams who finished top or in playoffs in ahl 3, 4, 5 ,6 . First teams in other clubs need to be beating these realistically.

I do not think there’ll be an influx of brand new panelists to the senior squad, perhaps some lads will revisit again, but unlikely.

Overall great to see Maurs, counsel, fingallians, scoil and towers clondalkin, realt dearg all progressing.

Teams of the year for me are Scoil and thomas Davis after a superb achievement all round.

Biggest disappointment was the match v Laois.


Good year for Clontarf.

Faughs had a good year. Their underage teams are very competitive in Division 1 at a number of grades. A few other clubs in similar situation to O’Tooles and Pats P… Parnells, Crumlin and Setanta (was it this year they were on the Late Late?) seem to be struggling at underage. Good Counsel did well this year but are they over reliant on a few players and what underage is coming through? Commercials adult hurling also a low grade considering their talent. Transferring underage development to adult would make an interesting study.

It is hard to judge another clubs season as success/not successful as we do not know what that clubs aims were for the season. We all have our opinions and obviously some can come across as harsh but for most part it is never a go at players/clubs/managers etc. That is what I like about this forum.

For me I wouldn’t judge everything based on how the first team done. I (maybe sadly) look through leagues from U13 to AHL 9 and see how clubs are getting on in that respect. And while I think for the next 5-6 years it will be the regulars challenging for Senior A, we will see more clubs making it into Senior A and being competitive(easier said than done)

Clubs who had good years for me at adult level:
Cuala - League and Championship winners, 2nd team stayed up in Senior B and got promoted to AHL3, 3rd team reached Junior A semi finals and stayed up in AHL4
Brigids- Not may expected them to reach the county final
Naomh Barrog- Not many would have expected them to win AHL2
Scoil- Similar to Parnells a few years ago when they got promoted without earning it they went and proved everyone wrong and won Senior B
Round Towers- Bounced straight back up after relegation to Intermediate last year and had some amazing comebacks. Proved that Senior B and Intermediate gaps are closing. Won Junior E also.
Clontarf- Great for them to make it to Senior B. With a lot of young good hurlers coming through I expect them to kick on.
Setanta- They stayed up Senior A after a very tough year
Counsel- Seem to be rejuvenated with old players returning
Craobh - Keep plugging away and have some real quality.
Fingallians - Winning Junior A. Like Clontarf they have some great young players coming through and should kick on
Wild Geese - Promoted to Junior C championship and with the chance of promotion to AHL 6
St Maurs - Unlucky not to get promoted to AHL2 and very competitive in Intermediate championship


Excellent summary, Brigids nearly done it, with an excellent timed peaking for the final. Fouls killed them, however Discipline come with experience and they should win the Champo shortly.
Cuala are the cute hoors, without 9 senior players on county duty, they managed their league squads to eek out wins by 1 or 2 points.
Delighted for Scoil and Round Towers.

I must say , to see first teams wining the Junior , Intermediate and Senior B championships this year was fantastic. Huge congratulations to Fingallians, Round Towers and Scoil Ui Chonaill there.

Saying that, Cuala winning AHL1 and Senior A after losing their crown last year is a fantastic year for them also. Hard to pick a team of the year but all of these championship winning teams have a shout for it.


CUALA have won enough😀
Team of the year should be one of the other teams.

Someone start a poll. Is there a poll function on this site?

I figured it out. Team of the year? Vote below:

  • Cuala
  • Scoil Ui Chonaill
  • Round Towers
  • Fingallians
  • Naoimh Barrog

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Barrog don’t deserve to be on here???..first time in the history of the club that we will be represented at Div 1 in either code…also first time both codes in Div 2 or above at the same time…

For shame



Barrog added but lets keep the list relatively small. There is a cause for many teams (including Brigids ) to be included but I went with the 4 teams who won the top 4 championships. I’ve added Barrog as that achievement was huge also.

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I voted for Cuala anyway :joy:

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Could you not have the decency of spelling their names right :joy::joy::joy:

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The FODH annual awards is a good barometer of the clubs who are performing well. Not sure how the selection process works but I would assume the FODH lads would have their finger on the pulse of Dublin hurling

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No repeat winners so it’s not really… there has been some baffling winners over the years.

They should probably publish their rationale.

It’s a new club every year for juvenile and adult. They’d be better of nominating a few clubs and letting their members pick. I mean some clubs win hurling club of the year that have made very little progress over the space of the year,.

Scoil Ui Chonall are the team of the year for myself. Faughs Juvenile structure also has to be admired along with commercials who are making steady progress with limited numbers.

Just had a quick look at past winners and the good news is Scoil or Faughs have not won it before :slight_smile: Cuala have won the adult twice in recent years. Some decent winners of the underage also http://fodh.ie/former-awards-winners/ Last year it was Finbarr’s and Kevin’s