2019 Leinster SHC Dublin vs Carlow, Dr.Cullen Park 02.06.2019 @ 3pm

So we have 2 weeks off till the Carlow game, a chance to regroup. With points difference so important we really have to go for this, and in saying that, Carlow are good enough to cause problems. Cannot take them for granted or it’ll be tricky, especially on their own patch. Bonnar has done a brilliant job with them.

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Get the win first of all… gives us a chance v Galway you would think 5 points will get us over the line

Wexford play Galway next week so will have a good idea where we stand, but a win is a must not only to get through but to also make sure we don’t drop down


Carlow are a decent outfit. Their centre forward marty kavanagh is as good as whats out there. He gave Moran a heap of trouble in the league

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And you know what we’re like when we’re raginig hot favourites!

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We need to be disciplined for this one! No cheap frees. Their free taker think it’s Kavanagh is very accurate most days!

Yeah was impressed enough with Carlow when we played them in the league.
It’s a game we should be winning but it won’t be a gimmie either.
This is the game they would have been targeting from the start as their most winnable so you know they will be flat out for this one.

Some gibschite on the radio saying the tiers in hurling haven’t been a success. Joe mCDonaghbis really competitive this year. Carlow are as good as they have ever been. Yea it was much better when half the counties had one championship game a year. :roll_eyes:


Shame it never gets the proper coverage,whoever tops it and /or wins the final deserves credit,we’re still finding our feet at the top table obviously we’ve had success but not for a sustained period so credit to any county making strides

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Yerman on the radio trotted out the old money pumped into Dublin hurling line :roll_eyes:

Maybe tv coverage isn’t feasible but streaming live should be used in so many more games.

As we see this year if its not the munster championship RTE couldn’t give a shite. Only 3 leinster games being broadcast and one of them is the final as far as i’m aware.

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I was down Leitrim way last week and was again gobsmacked by the GAA clubs and facilities en route.

NewtownForbes in Longford - makes Bohs look amateur. Then into Leitrim and the tiny club of Annaduff have eye watering facilities. Great to see tbh and reinforces the importance of the GAA in rural Ireland.

But then we get everything …


Had a game there about 3 years ago.

The old saying ‘Nice from far but far from nice’ springs to mind.

Unless it’s changed but facilities were shite but you’re right still better than Dallyer

Brand spanking new!


Kenny on the Carlow game

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Wouldn’t agree with when he says “strong finish “ against Wexford,they tore us apart after 50 minutes and into added time everything was nearly going right for them,our shooting was abysmal,they got most sideline balls and frees and were scoring so finishing strong hasn’t really been a huge part of the last two games


Agree yea, goal against the run of play to save the day isn’t really a strong finish but we’ll take it.

Scoring a goal from a free in the last puck of the game is not a “strong finish.”

Wexford were well on top inside final ten minutes, and it was against the run of play in a bad half.

Let’s be honest.

didnt i say exactly the same thing above?

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In case anyone is taking Carlow for granted


18 scores each in the league game

Carlow were good against us in the league (although it was horrible weather). They were obviously strong against Galway in the league. But they scraped a draw with Laois and had to come back from way behind against Offaly. So it was decent from a county of their size, but not spectacular.

They should be strong enough to make it an interesting game and worth the trip, but we should be beating them by 8+.