2019 Leinster SHC, Dublin vs Wexford, Parnell Park 19.5.2019 @ 3pm

Might be a bit early but I’ll get this started,disappointing stuff against Kilkenny,but the good thing about this round robin is we go again next week

No point underestimating how big a game this is


I see its sold out online. Will there be tickets on the gate?

Very unlikely. Might be a few on sale later in the week when they see how many Parnell Park passholders have taken up theirs.


Criminal that the game isn’t on TV when the capacity sells out at a small sized ground like parnell !!

Will it even be shown on GAAGo or anywhere online?

RTE will have cameras there for highlights so hopefully they might stream it


The adjustments he makes to the team now will be very interesting. But he has put himself in a difficult position with some players. He has to either admit he was wrong in some instances and play guys he effectively dropped, or else double down on the selection and stick with those he picked.

I don’t think this weekend’s starting team will beat Wexford (but they might). But I think we have a team that could beat them if selected.

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He has to be honest to himself and therefore sit down with his backroom team and make some brave decisions. If he genuinely feels the team set up as it was yesterday is what’s needed to beat Wexford then he has to go at it again. If not then start being ruthless! No room for sentiment in championship hurling. Live by the sword! Die by the sword!


Has to be changes in that team or else I don’t think we’ll win this game,after the game last year I thought we were poor but we lost by a last gasp wonder point,even though we had a few chances to win it at the end,we didn’t have keaney that day either and Wexford were at home

This time it’s in Parnell,outnumbered or what if that’s the case the right team selected should have enough to get a result and hopefully there’s a reaction

Mattie has to learn quick and fast after last night,but it’s important he’s supported


Needs to be changes alright but we have limited scope with the injuries or lads not long back from injury, kind of makes a case for having brought in some of the up and coming young forwards who have been going well at club level.

Support needs to be vocal for sure! That can be worth a point or two! In fairness our small band of supporters in Kilkenny made themselves heard for a while at least. Definitely don’t think Wexford are any better than Kilkenny right now! Take away that Kennedy madness and we were in with a shout last night. But Wexford will be fired up by Davy. Of that we can be certain! Need to be tuned in from first whistle.

That’s true yes but the likes of O Rourke and McBride not starting with McBride not getting a lot of time doesn’t have too much to do with injuries though,without O Rourkes score we wouldn’t have gotten to the league semi final,our top scorer I think,we don’t have brilliant forwards so a fella like O Rourke who has a great league has to see some action

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Yea, fair point.

No tickets available for this online unfortunaltey.

Plenty of free spaces in Nolan Park on Saturday, the trains were very quiet.

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I don’t think he has a problem with bravery or ruthlessness. He put Cian Waldron on near the end of the drawn AI club final and promptly took him off again once extra time began. I thought that was a little over-ruthless to be honest.

But it worries me that he thought Saturday’s team was the best option though. I can only think those guys performed exceptionally well in challenge games or something.

After what I thought was superb management in his first six months to come up with the best team and have them performing well, he then seemed to ignore the lessons he created himself.

If guys were picked on one or two challenge games, the next team needs to be picked on the basis of the last six months, not just since the April break.

That team struck me as something overly thought out, with all sorts of ‘hurling knowledge’ and allowance for match ups etc put into it. But all he needed to do was pick the lads who have performed best over the course of the year.

He also should have changed it earlier. Kilkenny got a run on us very early in the second half and things weren’t going to correct themselves.

But you are 100% correct, he needs to do what he thinks is right. He also needs to be 100% sure he has everyone on board. 2 or 3 lads have a case for a genuine grievance on Saturdays team. It ‘s not just along the lines of being upset because they weren’t picked, but more that they have performed much better to date then some lads who were picked. That’s ok if Kenny can manage it, but if he is going to make those decisions he needs to be able to manage it very well, and not just do a Cunningham on it.

It’s one game, and we don’t know the ins and outs of everything. Maybe McBride or O Rourke was carrying an injury or something. Also there was a time when we would have had a party if we only lost by 5 to Kilkenny. But I would have preferred if the team that he had evolved himself had lost, not a team with three or four guys coming in who hardly played all year, and in one or two cases, hardly played at all ever for Dublin.

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That has to be it, got to give Kenny some credit here, even in light of the disappointing second half.

Wexford game is now huge and will define the season/summer.

Big problem was he kept lads on at the weekend that weren’t performing, there’s no excuses for that

The whole full forward line scored 0-2 from play . Trollier was kept on the whole game and he barely touched the ball, he just had an off day but he should have been changed early in the game

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True, whatever about the selection, the in game management was poor as the game slipped away - we don’t have a huge number of options in terms of scoring forwards unfortunately.


Are any of the injured lads back this week ?

In fairness, I would always be reluctant to change Trollier. In the first instance he could have bought him out the field a bit to get on the ball.

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There has to be a reason, absolutely. My worry is that the reasons were based on ‘intuition’ rather then logic.

Also, while I didn’t think any county manager ever picks his club men because they are his club men, I think there can be a misplaced trust placed in the familiar. I do think that happened in this case.

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