2019 Leinster SHC, Dublin vs Wexford, Parnell Park 19.5.2019 @ 3pm

Who are our injuries at the minute with no hope of making next Sunday?

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I think it’s as follows - but am open to correction.

Burke (exams / away)
Am not sure on O Callaghan if near ready or not.

Would be great to get O Callaghan back but not sure how likely that is

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In regards to the Parnell passes, I presume it is the normal routine. Can be collected from this Tuesday. Just haven’t seen any correspondence go out or on social media in regards to it.

Lads, was just on tickets. ie. Tickets seem to be available again. Just ordered 2.
Craobh end :+1:


I think your spot on about the team selection being entirely done on match ups etc. In some regards that suggests showing the opposition to much respect! Need to believe in our own capabilities a bit more. And just give it a lash!

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I jus don’t understand the process how Sean Treacy can be selected, who I don’t think has ever played a full match for Dublin (and never stood out). Connolly has had good moments and wasn’t as much a shock as he was looking for a half back, but if that was the case, why not Gray who he has selected all year.

I can’t really argue against David Treacy, as he was probably picked on the same argument I would use as to why Keaney should have been played, he is experienced and has done it before (just not this year). But even he hasn’t done it to the same extent Keaney did. And if you are taking that risk, I would take it on behalf of Keaney, not Treacy. But that is enough about last week.

If he starts with the team he finished with the last day, we will be ok I think. I wouldn’t worry about Dillon, he has been flying all league. Corner forwards have days that don’t work out for him. Also we came back from a poor display against Galway to beat Waterford the following week. So we should be ok. But lessons need to be learned in my opinion.

Tickets gone again already off Tickets.ie

Was waiting for a mate to get back and missed the boat. Probably slim chance more become available?

Surely Parnell pass holders are entitled to tickets well I think they are anyways and not all of them will take them up so those will probably go on sale Thursday night/Friday

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I’d say there will be a few on the day though not many.


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Havent seen anything about office being open tomorrow as usual. Has anyone?

No tickets available. Fortunately I got a couple earlier. Thanks to ferdia for the tip above

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You lucky, lucky…!

Just heard they are up on tickets.ie again. Must be releasing them in batches

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Only thing here is in some cases, particularly in County Finals, tickets.ie only posts out the ticket and restricted online sales later in the week as there wouldn’t have been enough time to deliver. I cant back this up for inter county as i’ve not had to buy from Tickets.ie before but certainly for Dublin County Finals that was the case

Its not on GAAgo anyways. Only hope is RTE stream themselves? Has that been done before? If so where, RTEPlayer?

They have streamed games at same time as televised matches before. On Player I think,

Still nothing on DCB about Dorset St. being opened tomorrow for tickets which is bad sign, especially in week of changeover for PP passes.

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I have the Season Ticket myself! But if your a Parnell Ticket holder why not ring County Board office and seek clarification on the matter? Perhaps your ticket just needs to be scanned at a particular stile. That’s how season ticket works for games in Parnell Pk.