2019 NFL Round 2: Dublin v Galway - Saturday Feb 2 @ 7pm, Neutral

Can we escape relegation. Ladies at 5. Laois v Louth at 3 … a veritable footy feast.

I don’t like Galway much …

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Probably need to win this game to keep the pressure off /and stay in contention in this division . Games again Kerry and Mayo to follow who will be all up for it . Much harder start to the division than last year

“Neutral” :joy::joy::joy:


If only we’d had more O’Byrne Cup games, we wouldn’t find oursel’’ in this sorry mess. Sure anyway it’s all about experimentation now.

Anyone reckon Cometford will be given a start again this weekend ? Reckon it would be no harm for him .

I hope so - he wasn’t pinging any balls into the chest of runners last weekend but the spaces of Croker might help him in that regard.

Personally would give Bunyan a run

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I am not sure if Bunyan deserves to jump above him in the pecking order so yes Comerford should start. He needs the experience and did ok with only 1 bad kickout in Clones as I recall.

There was one bad-bad kickout, and hey, that happens.

But my overall impression was that during the game as a whole, his kickouts were predictable and a little one-dimensional. Opinion may differ on this, but that’s how i saw it. More gametime can address this, no need to have Clucko hog the Jersey at this time of the year.


I was watching him in the warm up with the goalkeeping coach and it was interesting to watch the signals and variety of kicks.

I think his one poor kick led to the John Small card - but sh1t happens and a few more games would do the lad the world of good.

We can’t be looking to look at replacements for replacements who haven’t yet replaced the placed!


For the irreplaceable?

I don’t think our lads did him any favours. We were very stationery, like that for a lot of the game actually. If Cluxton isn’t playing then it has to be Comerford for me, he didn’t nothing to warrant being dropped anyway.

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You are not wrong.
A kickout is not just about where the ball goes after it leaves the keepers boot. Guys need to be showing for it, and maybe that was a little lacking last week.

If I had a minor gripe about his goalkeeping in the Monaghan game, it’s that he was maybe too easily rounded for the goal. He seemed to come out to cover, and then second-guessed himself a little. I’d have to rewatch to confirm, but that was my initial impression.

If the idea of giving a second goal keeper game time is for him to gain experience if called upon later on, well for me the logical thing to do would be to stick with Comerford putting in Bunyan now would not do much for Comerford’s confidence IMO


Would start Paddy Andrews and move Brian Howard up front. He was quiet in Clones I thought but maybe they are grooming him to replace Cian in the sweeper role.
If none of our regular defenders are returning I don’t see much change apart from Murchan who was named to start on Sunday coming in for Mulally unless Eoin picked up an injury.

Not sure re Comerford. His kick outs were mixed with the one very poor one in first half helping to get Monaghan back in the game. Have seen him do this a few times in senior / u21 Dublin games. Nature of goalkeeping I guess. Was poor enough also for the first Monaghan goal. Don’t know if Bunyan likely to be better option but he deserves his chance. Comerford not that good to be considered the automatic heir to SC.

An interesting stat I heard quoted after Sunday shows what we have with Cluxton. Our possession win rate off his kick outs in AIF was 96%. His average through championship last Summer was 90%. Comerfords / Dublin’s percentage on Sun was 76%. He will be missed big time when he eventually goes!!

Cluxton is irreplacable, looking for a replacement is futile. Dublin will have to change it up when he goes.

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Neutral :sweat_smile:I love it.

I know we beat Galway on league final but don’t we have beaten them in league stages since 2001.

1999 Dublin 0-15 Galway 1-12
2000 Dublin 2-15 Galway 0-20
2001 Dublin 1-10 Galway 1-8
2002 Dublin 1-12 Galway 1-12
2003 Dublin 0-12 Galway 1-9
2009 Dublin 0-13 Galway 3-9
2010 Dublin 0-14 Galway 1-14
2011 Dublin 2-9 Galway 0-15
2018 Dublin 0-13 Galway 0-13