2019 NFL Round 5 Roscommon v Dublin - Saturday Mar 3 @ 2pm, Hyde Park

Now that we’re firmly back on the horse, we seek two more points in Roscommon. It’s been a while since we played in the Hyde? Last time we tried was the Carrick fiasco. @Stato82 to the rescue?

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Must be around 02/03 since played them in Hyde Park. Roscommon won that day 3-13 to 0-16.


Just checked we beat them in Hyde Park 17-14 in 2003. They beat us in Parnell the year before 2-12 to 0-16


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Would expect that scoreline to be reversed this time around.
It is a decent ground but the turf can cut up and wet weather expected for the match so the ball could need plenty of work through the hands to engineer a scoring chance.
Game could be slower than usual.

Sorry I asked now!! :joy:

If Galway beat Mayo the evening before Dublin will have the incentive to win and go second in the table.

On selection - as ever it’s impossible to second guess Jim. Last week we had a trio of real bolters - Byrne, Cian and CK. All did really well - Cian had the measure of Aido - despite the Mayo 11 looking fit and raring to go and Kilkenny did what Kilkenny does … with a little rust. David Byrne just picked up where he left off - great to see him.

Darren Gavin got another excellent run under his belt and Jack is tippng along nicely. Cormac too was great and Con is getting there. Mannion is a beast - but up front all round we need to be more clinical. Brian Howard looks like a lad who has been playing for the last 10 years and Fenton’s languid style sometimes threatens to overdo the languidity! Very happy with the defence on Saturday - bar one or two switch offs and I would safely say Evan starts as 1 - which means a first appearance for Cluxton! :joy:


Let’s win the match first and think of other permutations after. Lose and we’d be in a spot of bother again

I’d imagine it will be most of the same players that started the last day with maybe two to three changes max in the day. Wouldn’t be surprised if MDMA or Fkynn gets a start

he was really good. cian as well. Seems like Murchin has been around ages as well.


Cormac seems to save his best performances for the bigger and dryer pitches like HQ so a soft Hyde might play against him. Would like to see Berno at least tog out of he has any hope of playing later in the year. Same applies to other fringe players like Kev Mc and MDMC who might be suited by the conditions there

Is the Hyde still like that ? They done it up and it looks good

the ground its built on is terrible. The dressing rooms are a disgrace. Sure they built a new stand in the 2000’s and left the stone seating in front of it so stand is away from the pitch. So many bad decisions have been made there it appers. I was told its down to some disagreement between clann na gael and county board so nothing gets changed as far as Im aware. County board tried to buy the grounds off Clann back in the 80s and they refused and place is in limbo

Looking forward to this, bus ticket to Carrick purchased


Roscommon Gaels. Clann is in Monksland outside Athlone. The surface has been redone and now one of the finest in Ireland. It is also similar dimensions to Croke Park so Dublin should be right at home. Can be very windy however which has made many a game one of two halves, most recently against Tyrone.


Monksland, nach ea?

Be Roscommon Gaels that owned the ground - Think the Roscommon County board have it now

Shea. Corrected.

Heard good things about the pitch since the last time we were supposed to play there,remember watching Mayo play there during the league before we were due to play then there and the place was like a swimming pool

Looks a lot nicer now though and with a dry week in Dublin anyways,not too sure about Roscommon it should be okay anyways

I would imagine given the forecast we won’t see Brogan this week. Best to leave him until the weather is fine again.


Loos like a day for the bin bag

Any chance this would be on the box? Even delayed coverage?