2019 NFL Round 6, Dublin v Tyrone, Saturday March 16th @ 7pm, Croke Park

In the words of Delia Smith…let’s be having you!


Tyrone realistically need a min of 17 scores to win.

PH has played up front this past 2 games but had to keep dropping back against Cavan. Strange seeing him at no 14.

C McAliskey started but only got one score - a free. He’s still a bit off pace after his injury.

D McCurry, Lee Brennan and and Kyle Coney all came on as subs. KC is class.

Main thing is that Div1 looks secured after the crappy start.

Is it likely?

Would peter Harte have had to drop back because the way Cavan set up ?

If so,Dublin will setup differently and if Mickey Harte reads the papers he might throw a few high balls into him

Not at the minute.

Need those 3 subs to start clicking.

Peter H isn’t a long term solution…he’s missed at half back.

Haven’t a clue where the big scores are going to come from. Unless KC shoots the lights out.

He just got poor service on Sat night and once Cavan went a man down they flooded their defense.

PH’s not that tall…maybe 5’ 10…so it was pointless lumping high ball into him.

Small has marked Ph out off the last few games. I don’t think MH will waste him up front.

Would be surprised if PH lines out at 14.

Both teams pretty much safe in division ( though if Tyrone lose, they may need something in their last gane to be absolutely sure depending on other results ) and both with a good chance of a league final if they win. so should be a good game on paddy’s weekend

I would like to push on now and would hope for a Kerry final. Will JG feel the same? Selection on Sunday was strange and I expect a few more curve ball selections next Saturday.

Ps Isn’t it ridiculous that the club games are getting the Sunday to themselves. Why not let them have the Saturday and get them out of the way and then play the real stuff, round 6, on the Sunday.

Wouldn’t agree that it was strange. It was a gamble yes but i liked the idea that Gavin prioritied giving more players a start over always going with the trusted. Giving McGowan, CIan O Connor Basquel and eventually, McDaid near full games gives him more options. I think Andrews was always due a start

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The good thing for Tyrone is that they’re under no real pressure from fans to win.

I actually think there’s far more pressure on the Kerry lads.

Now that Div1 status seems secured - the vast majority of fans would be happy for a good performance and a tight game.

The worst thing is that Tyrone regret to type and sit deep.

Did you regret to type that?

Boom boom! Meant revert.

Fellas, all slagging aside.

Do you know of any good pubs where Tyrone fans can celebrate a win on the 16th…get a boul of hot purdy pudding and where the bar man speaks slower so we’re fit to understand him?

Seriously. You actually eat that shit?

Is it not something you’d tile a bathroom with, or unclog a drain?

@upthedall - Get yourself into Clearys for a few pints of the black stuff which will help wash down a bowl of coddle. I doubt there will be any celebrations for you, the pitch will be too wide :slight_smile:


Only unclogging that would do would be…

Jaysus!! :open_mouth:


An cmon PDiddy… have you seen that purdy shite? the damn thing would ya give ya the trots for a week.

Kavanagh’s in Marino. If you see Diarmo there will you ask him does he still love us?