2019 NFL Round 7, Cavan v Dublin, Sunday March 24th @ 2pm, Breffni Park

Anyone any interest in this now that we are on the slide? Dubs involved in a dead rubber … long time since that happened. I think it’s a good opportunity for Jim to rip it up and start again. We have been relying on too many lads for too long and it is very disappointing how they have let us down in this League. We had 16 years of torment and I’m not sure I can do all that again so let’s start building now.

The Kilkennys, Fentons, Howards, etc have had their day. Give youth a chance. Why can’t the footballers get to the business end of the League like the hurlers? It’s not a lot to ask.

Cavan … huh … the boys from Killeshandra.


No matter what we do now, we are DOOMED.

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I think at this moment in the time, space Continuum, it’s time for all right thinking Dubs to look deep into their inner soul and ask of The Great Unknown…are those bastardin’ roadworks in Virginia over yet? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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I m not renewing my Parnell pk pass completely disillusioned with the ol dubs , fuckin brutal they are .


Time to give Clarkey a go.

And maybe give some of the older guys a run. Paul Casey etc.

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Can someone please think of the children?

Even though we are on the slide :grinning: I am looking forward to this one. Cavan fans are good craic and appreciate good football. There is no pressure on our lads and Jim indicated he wasn’t happy with the performance last week so would expect us to have a go at this. We will be able to experiment a little and it would be nice to see Berno getting a bit of game time maybe.

It’s probably better to be out of it conclusively than waiting for some of the others to shaft us like Cork and Mayo used to :woozy_face:

We should drop a couple of divisions and build from there. It’d be a good confidence booster to play the smaller teams like Cork, Donegal, Armagh and Kildare.

Damn straight.

A measly 16 out of 19 trophies won from all the competitions Jim Gavin has entered.

Sixteen. That’s all.

Gavin out !

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I hear Whelo and Darren Homan will be the midfield Sunday.

…and we’re wearing white shorts.

If Casey is fit he starts for me

Paul or Mick?

League and O Byrne cup gone this year , that’s half this years silverware. With Meath and Kildare s resurgence (@kevin McStay) Leinster might be under threat. I knew Gavin was a spoofer , even when I said in Jim we trust I had me fingers crossed.


Would Joe McQullian be allowed to referee? Sure he’s half Cavan/Dublin :joy:

Paul. Eric Miller is available as well. Strong pair of hands.

Dublin Co Board running buses for €3 incl admission and a programme. Cavan supporters club apparently after snapping them all up.

The only good news is that Seanie Johnston isn’t available as he has a Junior D Hurling Champo match with Coill Dubh.

GIve Johnny, Fenton, Mannion a rest who all need a wekend off

I think I’d start 5 or 6 of the ‘class of 2011’ lads – Berno, Flynn, MDMA, KevinMc, O Gara…

After that it would be Basquel, Gavin, CK and others who need more games

We haven’t beaten Kerry or Tyrone since last year, and the Monaghan monkey has gone beyond a joke. Will the famine ever end?