2019 NFL Round 7, Cavan v Dublin, Sunday March 24th @ 2pm, Breffni Park

Lucky that Meath & Kildare are in Div 2.

Steady there @See_Saw - that’s getting a bit dangerous! Kilkenny badly needs a few games.

I hear the HF line for this one is Gavin, Darcy and Sherlock.

Cavan town is a great spot for a few pints :beers:

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Id also like to see any Dub go into the Hard Boiled Egg and conquer their breakfast challenge … beast of a challenge but great spot for a feed also


Oh sweet suffering Jesus…:crazy_face:


That’s a bleedin platter for a work crew!

No black pudding? Ffs

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There is white pudding. The heart attack on a plattter contains…

  • 10 sausages
  • 10 rashers
  • 10 large fried eggs
  • 5 pieces of white pudding
  • 5 hash browns
  • a tin of beans
  • a small punnet of mushrooms
  • 3 fried tomatoes
  • a serving of chips

Just the 3 tomatoes, seems a bit stingy, no?



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Should tag that for We Want Plates

Dunno. You’d be hard pressed to find a plate big enough to fit all that lot.

It’s the idiots that serve single portions of grub on/in their stew-peh bleedin’ wooden boards, stone slabs, baskets, shopping trolleys and kitchen sinks, well… that lot should all be stoned with pellets of their own frozen shite !

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The absolute worst :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Anyone going to the game that might be able to pick me up a programme, I will forward on cost/postage etc?
Have all the programmes so far this season but can’t make it on Sunday unfortunately.

I can look after you for a programme

Side named

Not sure it will start, but if Costello is fit then that is a relief.

Fenton and Cluxton dropped for below par performances, Gavin is ruthless.

Fenton totally overrated. Been poor for ages now. Only ever shows up for the big games.

Fenton needs a rest any way.

What’s Fenton ever won?

■■■■ all.