2019 NHL Quarter final, Tipperary v Dublin, Semple Stadium, Saturday March 16th @ 4.30pm

I hear Tipp have gone back for more warm weather training. This time they’ve picked Greece!

Always fear a hiding off Tipp, they more then anyone seem to be capable of making us loom bad when they are on song, they looked good yesterday…nice test of where were at

We need to get out of the blocks way quicker than we did v Laois and Galway! Otherwise this could be over after 15 mins. But if we bring our A game like we did v Waterford it will be a decent enough game!

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Despite the scoreline the performance will be a massive indicator. We said that we were caught flat against Galway but here we are rested coming into a match against Tipp who have a 6 day turn around after doing a warm weather training camp. Its entirely possible Tipp will have the foot off the gas after avoiding the ‘relegation playoff’.

Should be interesting. Very hard to call the outcome. PP are offering 4/1 on a Dublin win. hhhmmm

A performance would be good to get first and foremost, we said that against Waterford we got that and we also got a win

The performances against Laois and Galway will not do, a wide pitch and tipps forwards will kill us

I think they do have the best 6 forwards on paper, callanan,the McGrath’s ,bubbles,forde etc are class players

Add in Ronan Maher,Michael Breen and paudie maher and they are a very good side with the latter of that list being very powerful hurlers

Big test for our backs,the biggest one yet and we can’t afford anything like against Waterford but the shooting that day won’t have us too far away from tipp at all

Hopefully another big performance from Danny and others to follow as we’ll need that

I’d be very interested to see O Donnell on Callanan

Callanan is not their main threat anymore. He actually skint O’Donnell a few years ago too but has lost a slight bit of his pace since.

I would be more worried about Bubbles, Forde & Jake Morris - all great stickmen who can pop it over from any angle / distance with a sniff of space.

If we get within 6 I will be happy enough. We are slowly improving IMO and Mattie is figuring a lot out but this is too soon for us and Tipp are detemrined to stay relevant in the Top 4 of the Hurling world.


They’ll be on a mission this year definitely after last year

We need to win ball and run at their backs all day.

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Think we’ll do okay if we bring our a game, but agree yea, we do have a few too many questions still, particularly in the forwards. Hope we can give it a proper lash.

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Yeah, that was the number I had in my head for being ok. If it went much higher it wouldn’t be good.

Although in 2013 they gave us a hiding in the league QF, and we went onto the AI semi that year. Although I did read afterwards that Daly trained the legs off them on some training camp the week before that game - if there was truth to that I don’t know.

That could make them slippery customers…

Hopefully, they’re complacent, expecting a Turkey shoot.

Only game not on tg4 :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Terrible form.

Not surprised at all…disappointed though…zwhat logic shows a relegation play off thats not really a relegation play off but not a quarter final?

I thought there was a ban on these trips or is it only during off season?

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Might be educational!!