2019 NHL Quarter final, Tipperary v Dublin, Semple Stadium, Saturday March 16th @ 4.30pm

I actually couldn’t understand the reason they went for warm weather training camp last week, to come home and play in freezing cold…

Probably the worst draw for us. I honestly can’t think of a team we have a worse record against then Tipperary especially away from home Think it’s 1917 the last time we beat them in the Championship. And I’m fairly sure our league record is equally abysmal.

I could be very wrong but the last time I remember us putting a performance up against them (outside the 2011 AI Semi) was when a very young David Treacy scored a hat-trick against them in Semple Stadium

Other then that all I can recall is hidings but maybe that’s memory loss. Up against it but a good performance would be welcome. They’ve a lot of good forwards who can score heavy … I think we’ve only one who is likely to start.

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There was a league game in Croke Pk in the pissing rain we won by a point or two. O Dwyer was playing for us, so 2011 maybe… not sure if that is before or after the one you refer to. Actually I think we beat them in Parnell more recently too - that’s just popped into my head.

I have cheered myself up… it’s not as bad as I thought!


Beat them in 2011 In the rain in Croker, and the year before that hammered them in Parnell, and drew with them in Croker in 2013 I think. Rushie goal in last minute.

Apart from that, record is abysmal. Last time we beat them before 2010 was under Lar in 1989 I think in Nenagh. Definitely not Thurles. Not sure we have ever beaten them in Thurles to be honest!

2013 hiding was less than a week after Daly had them dragging backbacks up hills in Beara and getting up at 5am to run on the beach!

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Also hammered them in Parnell in 2015. Ger Cunningham first league game.
Then won away in Kilkenny next game. It all started so well!!!


Yeah we won by 12 points that day

Then 2016 and 2017 x2 they beat us well and same in 2018

That was the year we threw away the game to cork in the league semi final wasn’t it ?

Yeah it sure was. Actually that first half against Cork was some of the best hurling I’ve seen from a Dublin team.
It was also perhaps the worst performances from a referee I have seen as well.
Think it was only one of two games I really felt that their performance was the main reason for defeat.
Think Cork scored 15 frees or so. I think it was more the fact fouls up the other end for the same thing weren’t been given and advantage rule was only being applied for one team!!
Not that I remember or anything!!


Never has a semi left me so deflated.

Crazy game alright, I remember being convinced that we’d be in the league final I think everybody was

I wonder is there any chance TG4 would show this over the internet? It’s going to have cameras at it anyway. Anyone on Twitter should propose it to them…

I’m not going to be able to get to it, and while I think a win is unlikely, it wouldn’t amaze me if it happened either. It depends on the weather and which team shows up (the one that played Galway or the one that played Waterford).

I don’t entirely blame TG4 for not showing it. We have given them some damp squibs of games over the years. The ones that aren’t shown live are sometimes the ones we are better in. (Leinster semi against kk for instance in ‘13).

Tipps form up till the weekend was not great, Cork are using the leggy/training excuse for being so poor so form guide goes out the window. What we do know is tipp have the forwards who can rack up a big score if they click. Just hope we work like dogs and really put it up to them, the extra week off should mean we are well rested. But as always a loss here will result in the dual player whinge fest on here.

Mad to think it isn’t on TG4 when it’s at half 4,it looks like the times are spread out for TV,but clearly not

Surely if it’s not on TV it could’ve been played earlier ?

TG4 had scheduled to show a league semi at 4.30, before they were postponed. So they already had that time pencilled in for a hurling game. The games they are showing are both on earlier.

But as you say, if it’s not on TV, why not play it earlier. 4-30 is a strange time for a game.

All 3 matches being shown.

That was v disappointing loss. Couple of really dreadful refereeing decisions at the end. The young lad was in tears at the end of it. He was only 7/8 at the time. Since then he has learned to match his expectations of Dublin hurling more realistically with reality :joy:

Would hope we are competitive on Sat. Last time down there was one of the most depressing defeats in my time following the hurlers. Humiliating is the best word I can think of. We should be good enough to give then decent game.


Had forgotten the 2015 win.

Worst about Tipp - and this is probably purely subjective based on own experience - is that they absolutely love beating Dublin and rubbing it in. Babs in particular hated Dublin and still does, although I suspect I know the reason for that! Don’t think he has ever said one positive thing about a Dublin hurling team or Dublin hurler. It was painful watching the fker winning championships with UCD.

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What do we reckon on a team for this? Although it’s hard to know who is available.

For me, I would have the usual back 7, assuming O Callaghan is fit. Then after that, something like

Boland (if ready for 70 min)
Surcliffe (doing well at 11).
O Rourke ( he deserves it, but not sure it will work out)
Rushe (hmmm, not sure tbh)

But hard to know if Schutte, Winters etc ready. If they are, it might change that.

Does sean brennan not deserve a shot between the sticks again ?

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