2019 NHL Round 2-Offaly v Dublin-O'Connor Park-Sun Feb 03 2pm

Didn’t see a thread already for this one.

Given the state of Offaly hurling I’d expect us to canter home handy enough even though Offaly are at home. They got a right wallop from Waterford while we’re coming in from a win.

Weather is giving -5 for Saturday night so it will be touch and go if the pitch is frozen or not.


Would be shocked if we didnt win,given the state they are in as youve said with the hammering at against waterford

We won fairly handy against them in championship last year and in the walsh cup,but hopefully no repeats of last years league opener hopefully

DIT,Trinity and UCD all playing during the week so itll be interesting to see how those players are managed

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Expect us to win this one. But can’t go into it half cocked! They will be hurting after last weekend v Waterford. So need to prepare for a backlash!

A reaction would be natural indeed but there definitely isnt a lot going right in Offaly lately

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Expect a reaction from Offaly at home after a trimming in the last round.

Not making excuses but there’s also another round of Fitzgibbon fixed for today and with unprecedented numbers of dubs involved, it must be a wrecking ball through Kenny’s prefered preparation.

So the team Dublin start with will be interesting, Also will Kenny stick with Rushe in the forwards? Will he be tempted to start Danny?

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Dubs will win this by 12 +, not much will be learned or lost. Get in beat them and move on hopefully with no injuries.

Offaly are the worst team in this division

Hmmm I do think we’ll win by the way, just don’t think we’ll dish out a margin like Waterford did.

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Offaly are in a terrible state. Only 3 player’s that played Dublin last year played vs Waterford.
They seem to be waiting for championship as realistically that’s where they will win a game.

Oh right, that bad huh.

Bad? Bad would be a good thing for Offaly. Its abysmal.

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It’s strange when we play a county we should beat, I go along wanting a win but close enough to be competitive. I’m fierce fussy!

I was at the Antrim game last year and at half time I was hoping Antrim would make a game of it, then with 10 minutes left I was wishing they would make less of a game of it!!



Mad looking back at the Offaly team the last time we played Offaly in the league, a lot stronger now seeing as Gilroy has done a lot of weeding out all the players at the start

In fairness the referee rode us in 2nd half that day! There was at least half a dozen frees that should have went our way and he called them for Antrim all of which were popped over the bar! It was worst referee I have ever seen! Heffernan from Wexford if recall correctly!

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Matty needs to box clever and give the Fitzgibbon lads 35 minutes each. Worked last week with Burke.
Put more pressure on the guys for who this is their only game this week.

Likes of Dillon, Rushe, Hedgo and Danny need to step up the plate on Sunday.


I would prefer if the college teams were giving the county lads 35 minutes. It’s the national league, the second most important competition we have.


I find this time of year to be annoying as when we should be building a settled team in advance of championship instead we are chopping and changing to accommodate college competition. I honestly couldn’t give a fiddlers about college results.

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wouldnt see danny rushed back fully yet, a few more cameos

Hard to know what will happen with college lads and being rested, i agree with only giving them 35 minutes as we seen with Burke it worked

Then again theres a break next week and then Galway away the next weekend so we need to be prepared for that which may involve the lads playing with eachother on sunday

Agree with Danny maybe a few others could be rested too like Crummey,Rushe maybe so that they are rested.
Crummey being with DCU will probably have his hands full as they should go far

agree on Crummy,

personally id be playing rushe as need to know by end of league a) if he can have a starting spot and b) where that is