2019 NHL Round 5 Dublin vs Laois-Parnell Park-Sunday March 3rd 2pm

Following on from a great win against Waterford, the last game before the league quarter final is Laois

They wont be easy pushovers as they drew with Carlow and we struggled past them in the Walsh cup,even though we have improved since then. They still have something to play for in avoiding the relegation play off as Carlow have to play Offaly which you would expect them to win

Pity this is clashing with the football in Roscommon,that will really effect the crowd unfortunately

We should win this game and hopefully we can continue our good performance last sunday into this

all about momentum and confidence building for this group. The more they get the faster they buy into Kennys plan and style. Its all about small margins at that level that can make or break a group

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Need to play with same intensity as last week! Consistency is the next aim!


Concede less goals perhaps :wink:

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That was more goals against I think then the total of this years league to date pluse the total of last years championship. The O Connell switch wasn’t a roaring success! But bettter know that now then in June I guess.

If we can build on last week and hit Laois with the same intensity then I’d be very happy

I can imagine a pretty heavy week of training will happen this week, so wouldn’t be shocked to see a drop in the intensity at the weekend. Won’t admit it, but management know a lesser intensity is required for a game against Laois as a game against Waterford, so can see them targeting this week for some tough training sessions.


We never quite bring the same level when expected to win compared to taking on one of the big boys.

It is harder to motivate yourself for a weaker team then a top team to be fair to the lads

From here on in they need to be clued in from the start of every game! Giving the likes of Laois Carlow and Offaly the slightest hint that we haven’t brought our A game is asking for trouble!


Very good point, we need to kill them off early but hard to know if we will

If we can rack up 1 26 against Waterford we have shown we can rack up big scores,that surely must be our biggest score in years ?

Agreed, hit them with everything, sends clear message for rest of league and Champo.
Kilkenny’s mantra has been very straight forward, you get a lead, you go for the jugular…


Key to last Sunday is to take confidence without complacency. It would be nice to get a sizeable lead early enough to give some younger players (winning) game time later on in the game.


Laois are handy enough though, better then Offaly. They gave us a bit of bother in the Walsh Cup. Still anything less then a 10 point win wouldn’t be great.

Its really important the guys who really made a mark against Waterford do it again to show it wasn’t a one off. Especially O Rourke, he was a revelation to me the last day. Maybe other guys knew that was in him, but I didn’t.

The more I see of Rushe at full forward, the more I see there is one type of ball only that suits him - and that is a ball that is dropping a bit short. If a ball is landing on his head, he has no advantage. He is a big lad, so he won’t get off the ground too easily so a full back can win the ball over him. But if has to burst onto a ball, the full back has to go around him, which isn’t easy, and anyone in front of him has to have the balls to stay there (I wouldn’t!).

It really could work very well, but the team need to buy into the fact that he isn’t a standard type of player.


Check out @DubGAAOfficial’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/DubGAAOfficial/status/1101097182357323779?s=09

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Any sign of the likes of Ryan, Winters, Boland in that clip? I thought I saw Winters, but not sure…

The highlights in TG4 showed Rushe winning a few high balls in the HF line. Hedgeos fetch & score was class. More of that sir!


If Hedgo and Rushe plus Danny could bring that on a regular basis id be very happy with that

Hedgo the first day against Carlow must have won about 3 or 4 puckouts, Rushe the last day caught a few

If we can win them when we go long, we may aswell go long

Also Danny seemed to be flying, he was always going to be better this year then when he was just back - great to see him back to his best.

Danny was flying alright, i really do like his deep sort of role but I think he was a bit higher up against Waterford then he was against Galway the previous week

Agree with Danny @Tayto , it is difficult to come back to that standard but with that performance under his belt hopefully he pushes on

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