2019 NHL1B Round 3: Galway v Dublin, Sunday February 17th 2pm @ Pearse Stadium, Salthill

After 2 wins from 2 this Galway game is our biggest test so far

They have beaten Laois and drawn to Carlow and look to be trying to unearth a few players so hard to know what to expect from them,but it should be some sort of reaction you would imagine

Galway are the only team to beat Mattie Kenny which was a 1 point defeat in the walsh cup but this is a step up in intensity

Will be a good test to see where we are,with 2 weeks more training done in time for this game,we should improve but as will Galway


We beat Carlow (x2), Offaly (x2) and Laois. Perspective. We haven’t played anybody yet other than Galway.


Yes I am well aware thats why Ive said its our biggest test so far

Yup pretty sure that was the point from the original post.

I don’t see us beating Galway especially down. To be fair they are ahead of us and we’ve got a lot of lads either splitting time between county and college or just not yet back into it.

I’d love to be able to get down there for this one as it will be a very good level check as to how things are progressing. Lads who have shown well against the smaller teams can’t afford to disappear. If you want to lay down a marker for a jersey then these are the matches that really matter.

Any update on Rushe injury after Offaly?

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Galway may still be experimenting. The St Thomas lads into final too. With Offaly to come they will make the top 4 even if they lose to Dublin and Waterford so they may not be upping to full throttle yet.

Hard to know what team Galway will pick,they’ll have depth and more than us obviously so it’s hard to judge

I don’t think we’ll win but it’s not out of our reach

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O rourke and burke surely have to be given another shot to prove themselves again after the Offaly game

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Well - what sort of a team do we put out for this?Can we win it? DCU guys will be playing Fitzgibbon on Tuesday too.

Edit - apologies, I had started a new thread, I had missed there was one there already. Thanks for sorting it out @dcr22B

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Don’t think DCU playing Tuesday should really effect matters to much! Apart from potential injuries of course. Let these lads rest up on Wednesday and Thursday. Rest of panel train as normal! Interesting to see who starts in midfield. Big test for who ever gets the nod!

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Helps this time that the DCU game is earlier in the week,not like on the Thursday.Hopefully no injuries as you’ve said

We’d have beaten them in the Walsh Cup if we’d gone man for man. Sweeper bullshit put paid to that. Hopefully we take them on this time.


Burke would probably have started anyway if fit, but O Rourke does deserve another chance in fairness to him. I unfortunately can’t see it working out for him as a starter, the size thing is just too hard I think to overcome - he would need to be flying fast or something. But he can contribute.

To be honest I am not mad keen on how the forwards are shaping up. They will be as good as last year, probably better. But they still lack a bit of finesse. Paul Ryan coming back will add that something extra though and I am really keen to see Schutte in there too. We realty need Burke to be able to do what he did against Carlow and Offaly, against the big teams. Because we really need that ability to score from the wings, under a bit of pressure. Sutcliffe has it (if he keeps them on target), Ryan has it and Dillon has it off the left wing. But we need more, every time a forward has the ball in a tiny bit of space there needs to be a threat of a score. Like the league QF last year, once Tipp got a run on us all they had to do was get the ball to hand in the forwards and they scored. Without enough guys who can score, we have to throw the ball around a bit to make space, and we risk losing it. Whitely is actually a forward that can get a shot away off either side and get a score. And just to give the Conor Burke drum another bang - so can he…


Crying out for an underage forward to put their hand up and take their chance.Is there one there now that can do it ? I’m not too sure
Trollier Sutcliffe Keaney Ryan not a bad start,all involved in our best period of success but it needs a good bit of work to compete at the top table.Remains to be seen who can step up Burke Whitely McGIbb Hedgo ? Who knows


Bennett looked like the real deal back 2 years ago but never stuck with it.

One of the first names that springs to mind,was very good down in cork in the qualifiers
Would be a great addition but I think someone mentioned a while back that he doesn’t want to commit which is fair enough

Currie surely is worth a run. Hayes also, but he must nearly have an injury or something, I think he only played a few minutes of Walsh Cup (compared to being nearly a starter last year).

Winters will be back soon I imagine (based on info here that he is back from travelling and is training now).

But for me, Currie is the type we need. Two years ago he had a great game against KK at u21. If he can do that two years ago, he should be able for senior now.

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The younger Currie as well in a year or two

Strange with Hayes deserves a go too

Winters is someone well placed to kick on, feel either Currie will do well to break through this season unless they get s run or two soon, Hayes has potential.

But is it not strange with Currie that he isn’t getting a shot? He had a decent senior championship, won the u21 club championship and was one of the better performers against Wexford in the u21 last year. It seems to me a no brainer that he should be getting a try out.

It’s always possible that it’s his choice, he may have other priorities. But for me, if he is available, I would be giving him a go.

The Curry brothers are not on the panel anymore.