2020 All Ireland Ladies' Football Championship (Senior, Intermediate, Junior)

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Leinster provincial championship pretty useless and should be scrapped - only serves to take away more time for senior club football.

If one of these gets promoted is that 13 teams senior next year - do not see any relegation playoffs?

Views from Fermanagh captain Courtney Murphy and Wicklow captain Laura Hogan ahead of the Junior Ladies’ Football Final 2020 in the articles above.

Junior Final

What a start by Fermanagh! A goal in the opening minute from Roisin McDonald followed by a score from Aoife Flanagan.

Meadhbh Deeney with Wicklow’s opening score of the game with a free.

1-2 to a point for Fermanagh early on.

Wicklow have settled down nicely towards the end of the opening quarter. Goal chance over off the top of the bar for a point moments ago from Marie Kealy. Captain Laura Hogan with two scores from play before that. At the water break…

Fermanagh 1-4 Wicklow 0-5

HT Fermanagh 1-7 Wicklow 0-6

A strong last five minutes of the first half means Fermanagh means they go in 4 point leaders at the break. Sarah McCausland and Joanne Doonan (her 2nd) tallying scores. Doonan went on a mazey run and looked to be through on goal but opted to take the point.

Other goal chances - Marie Kealy’s short point effort smacking off the woodwork for Wicklow and Eimer Smyth held back before getting through on goal lead to a tap over free for her. At first it looked like it might’ve been in the area?

Right before the drinks break Fermanagh nab a second goal courtesy of Eimear Smyth after a loose kick-out from Linda Dempsey.

Fermangh leading 2-8 to 10 with a quarter remaining.

FT Fermanagh 2-9 Wicklow 0-12

DRAMATIC ENDING but Fermanagh hold on and claim the AI Ladies’ Junior Football Title for 2020 and of course promotion to Intermediate. A nervy last few minutes with a sin bin but 2 big saves from their goalie Shauna Murphy sees them home.

POTM: Aisling Maguire (Devenish St. Mary’s)

Bit of a surprise there, expected Wicklow to win that one.

Good game

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I see the Cork Galway game is switched to Croker. Thank God ours wasn’t the 2nd semi final or we’d never hear the end of it.

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A nice upgrade from the Gaelic grounds, glad to see it being facilitated at such short notice

Feck sake this won’t be televised apparently

Is that what has happened ? I thought I was losing it when I put it on. Then flicked to sky and they’ve another game on.

News talk saying decision made to change venue was made at 11:30 am for a match that throws in at 1:10 pm. FFS

It only moved a couple of miles though.

It was due to throw in at 1.30 in PP but moved to Croker for 1 throw in which was actually 1.10 throw in. Tg4 didn’t have cameras in Croke Park so couldn’t show it and if it goes to extra time the Mayo Tipp match might be affected. All very messy.

Surely RTEs cameras are in place?!

What a f up… weather hasn’t been that bad up here to affect the Parnell Park pitch

You’d expect them to be but maybe it wasn’t possible to use them or they didn’t ask or were told no. Who knows. Disappointing though.

I was looking forward to seeing it.

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Apparently it was icy. It’s not icy at all down here all morning but obviously they felt the pitch was unplayable.