2020 All Ireland Ladies' Football Championship (Senior, Intermediate, Junior)

This is quite embarrassing for the promotion of ladies’ football. Surely they could move Mayo v Tipperary back an hour or play the ladies match on monday then. :roll_eyes:

It’s not the timing that’s the issue (yet). It’s the fact that there’s no feckin cameras there able to show it.

Is it a sweetener as the game was due to be played in Limerick but the hurlers said they were training?

It’s not like RTE don’t have cameras though. There really should be some way to view it even if it’s just facebook without commentary and one camera.

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No I seriously doubt it. They played a junior all Ireland final in Parnell park yesterday. Maybe it wasn’t in good nick on top of the cold weather.

You have to give the Gaa some credit for facilitating it at the 11th hour but it’s awfully disappointing it couldn’t have been shown.

Both ladies football semi finals should have been in CP from the off anyway.

Melissa Duggan with an early goal for Cork.

This is what you get for accommodating dual players.

Just a joke

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Cork up 1-3 to 2 at the water break

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Cúl! Ciara O’Sullivan

Apparently live streaming is not allowed. No idea why not.

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Cork up 8 now so shouldn’t be caught now

Place is frozen solid up here and still hasn’t defrosted in places. Temperature hasn’t gone above 2 degrees

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That would explain it so. Still a better solution could have been found that forcing people to use twitter as the only source of updates.

Cork win 2-16 to 0-13.

Watched the last 20 minutes on a live story from Valerie Mulcahy on her instagram with herself and Declan Drake on commentary. She had to apologise for the shaky camera but her hands were shaking from the cold.

Disappointing week all round from the LGFA. An exciting final to look forward to however.

Comfortable win for Cork in the end thanks those two first half goals. Sadhbh O’Leay, Maire O’Callaghan, and Doireann O’Sullivan all with scores late on. Orla Finn I believed ended with 0-9 (0-6f) while Tracey Leonard scored 0-6 (0-4f)

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I can see them taking us. I hope not though - have zero time for their manager.

I doubt it’ll be long before we hear what he has to say.

He’s off. Moaning big time. It’s everyone fault that Parnell was frozen, TG4 should have been able to dismantle in Parnell Park and move all their equipment to Croker and set it up in two hours.
Interesting comment from LGFA that Galway were informed of venue change when in Kinnegad at 11am, they arrived in Croker too late for a 1pm throw in. Traffic wasn’t that bad today, was it?

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