2020 All Ireland SFC Final - Dublin v Mayo - Saturday, December 19, 5pm

And for an UNBELIEVABLE 8th time in 10 years…

Gentlemen, start yizzer engines


It’s truly Incredible. If someone said 10 years ago we’d be in 8 All Ireland finals in the next 10 years winning 7 of them and be going for an 8th you’d think they were mad


Can’t wait for the next decade.


:shushing_face: :shushing_face: :shushing_face:

First rule of Fight Club…

We’ve only just started the new one! Why would you be thinking about the next one??

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Here we go again.
Do I need to explain it again?

Oh Lord…

It’s like the Judean People’s Front vs The People’s Front of Judea! You’re either in one or the other! :grin:

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Right , anyone make a case for tipp or mayo beating us??

That would be me. But @Tayto destroyed the evidence.

Anyway let’s finish the decade on a real high.


I wouldn’t go that far, but I think basing what we did to mayo last year to predict how we would deal with them this year isn’t sound. Mayo had their worst nightmare last year in terms of back to back matches and they were banjaxed second half of the semi final. That won’t be the case this year if they beat tipp.

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I think an auld players of the 70s looked into his crystal ball and said this dublin team will multiple all ireland’s and the neantrathals and media laughed … Tony Hanahoe :wink::joy::+1:

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Thought it was David Hickey, but who cares?
Let’s credit them both :+1:t2:


Plus last years second half collapse by Mayo…ok Dublin were unreal and blitzed is but would that have happened Mayo of 16/17…no. Last years showed Horan that the old guard needed to be phased out…Higgins, Boyle, Vaughan, Seamus O Se…Mullin, McLoughlain, Tommy Goals are all speed merchants which is what you need when playing the Dubs.

Anyone not trying to get ahead of myself we have a stern test today.

Last year may have been mayos startled earwig moment.

You’d need to be on something alright to cope with the decade discussions.

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David Hickey


Another thing to whisper is that if we win this one we will have 8 All Irelands in 10 years, to compare with Kerry’s greatest era of 8 in 12 years.


Unbelievable. What is it?

Anyway, hope the final turns out to be a cracker, and that Christmas comes early for us this year!