2020 Football transfers

Any news of any interesting transfers

was there a cutoff date the same as other years? not a lot of activity atm im guessing… would imagine teams have lost country players that can now work remotely

This transfer season does not apply to country lads transferring home. Its only for transfers between clubs in Dublin

Cathal McCarron to Athy in Kildare

McScruffballs home club is it not? He spent years there with his shoulder to the wheel. Coaching the stars of the future so they don’t have to sign up corner backs from up North to push to them on. Oh wait…

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What is the cut off date for regrade forms for club football

End of January normally I think. Maybe different with Covid but doubt it

McCarron played with Athy for a couple seasons 2/3 years ago.


His Mrs is from down there

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I’m aware of that. Anyone heard of any interesting transfers?
McCarron transferred to athy few years ago when he was getting treatment in cuan mhuire, he transferred back sometime after but he’s 2 kids now so imagine he’s in Kildare full time, all the best to him

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Annual call for a PM/email of the list if anyone has it, thanks!

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2nd that.
What I suggested last year was a Dropbox link valid for a week or 2, after that you lose out

If list is available could i get a pm too !

havnt gotten any bites on this or the hurling forum, dunno if it has been circulated to clubs yet

Is it still all quite on the list front or was anyone lucky enough to source

if they did, they ain’t sharin…

Anyone looking for the list - send me a PM with your email address please?


I have brought this up for years on here, why all the secrecy? Its not GDPR related. We will see them line out anyway. Why is it ok to talk openly about Rushe but not others. Anyway PM sent :slight_smile:

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Just wondering if anyone knows if transfers that weren’t sanctioned that were appealed have they been heard yet ?

I’d say they have been heard as they were due back by 6th of January.
I don’t think the county board send out the appeal list and they only send it to the clubs involved as I never get an appeal list of what were sanctioned and what aren’t.

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