2020 Inter County Fixture list

Meath v Dublin in Parnell Park bit of a throwback. When was the last time Dublin played in PP in league?

Am I right in thinking the last time we played Mordor in the league at Parnell was when Whelo got sent off or did we play them there again after that ?

Monaghan in 2010 according to the Indo

Not sure we played them in Parnell in league in a long while the big melee in the obyrne cup under Pillar was Parnell park but I’m struggling to recall

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Can’t imagine there will be many allowed into that game or any game really.

Probably why they’re playing it in Parnell I’d say

The big melee was a league match if I recall correctly

Parnell won’t suit the wide game that Dublin have been playing in recent years. The pitch is much narrower than Croker.

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In a non-competitive game against Meath I think they’ll be okay either way

Yes that was 2008. Half the team were suspended for league final v Westmeath.

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I Remember that final in Navan. There was some stupid geebag from Westmeath behind me screeching all game about how dirty Dublin apparently were :roll_eyes:


Galway 2010 was last league game in Parnell Park. We lost by 3 points that day.

one of the finest words to ever exist