2020 rules

Presume a lot of challenge games happened over the weekend, so anyone have any experience of the new rules, particularly advance mark, sin bin, were they OK, are they workable, manageable etc?.. I’ll kick it off sin bin is fine, punishment fits the crime better but advanced mark is utter shite IMO. 15 secs to take either a kickout mark or advanced mark is only slowing game down

There will be a slight change to the wording handed out by the referee’s board soon :wink:

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Any chance the word abolish features?! :neutral_face:

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Had a challenge match yesterday, referee didn’t even know of the new rules, one of our lads had to brief him!

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Is this to do with defenders being able to call a mark too if its kicked from outside the 45m by an Attacker and travels 20m :grimacing:

I’m glad I’m not playing nowadays. There’s way too many rules.

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You never played by them anyways! :slight_smile:


Whats the answer to this ?

I’ve heard conflicting reports

Either defender or attacker can claim the mark. That is 100%

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Correct, any attacker, defender or goalkeeper can claim the mark be cleanly catching a ball which has been kicked from, on or outside the 45m and travelled at least 20m. Referee awards mark by blowing whistle and Player must indicate he is taking the mark by raising his arm upright. If player decides to play on he may not be tackled for 4 steps or the time it takes 4 steps except inside the large rectangle where the player may be tackled immediately if he chooses to play on.

Juvenile team one of my lads (U13) is on were practicing this in training the other day. Gone back to the days of sticking a beanpole up at Full forward to lamp the ball up to. It would sicken your hole

Damnit. Too bloody late for 6’4” me.

Is this thread about cricket, @5AliveOh?

I think the whole impact of the rule has been over exaggerated in my opinion. The games that I have seen so far there has be very little impact with the offensive mark. With a lot of teams playing a sweeper if you put the big tall lad in on the square you just make sure the full back is doing his best to spoil the chances the full forward has with support from the sweeper. I’d say this will obviously be different at juvenile level. Just have to see how that plays out though.

I’d agree with that, seen a few games and think I’ve seen a total of 3 awarded. This might change as the weather gets better and pitches get harder and faster, I’d be more concerned about the confusion its causing, The rule has been in since end November start December for OBC and college games and there has been instances of players penalised for overcarrying when believing they had a mark, not signaling for a mark but stopping on hearing the whistle, I just don’t think there was a need for this

I’d expect Kerry to use it on Saturday night. It’s not big forwards are needed to use the forward mark so much as forwards who can then kick it over the bar in the 15 seconds allowed. Kerry certainly have those in the inside line and we may be a bit short , and not just in height , in the fb line. One way or another, it’s going to be hard to officiate on and is likely to lead to all kinds of controversy and debate. A bad rule.

I might weep at the weekend with the introduction of this new Australian facet to our game. I cannot see how this abomination is going to improve our game. I’m confident that all the talk after the games will centre on this fcuking mark. Mark my words. Mark me bollix.


Succinct and superb. :grin:

Saw a club challenge match last week, ref admitted they hadn’t full briefing on the mark and if defender could call it. Not too many called or sought lot do conditions.

I have a feeling well see a lot more yellow cards instead of black at club level as it will be too hard to monitor.


PDF breakdown of the new rules just in case anyone wasn’t 100% sure about them