2020 rules

Could someone please clarify the following:

From a kick-out, if a player takes a clean mark and plays on, he cannot be tackled for 4 steps/13m…

Does the same apply to the offensive mark?

If so, if a player takes a mark in or around the 21, they cant be touched until he’s basically on goal!! That cant be right.
I see you can tackle someone immediately if they play on inside the 13, but it doesn’t mention between the 45 and the 13 (unless I’ve missed it).

Not according to RTE, but who would believe them?

The whole thing is an unmitigated joke. Mark me bollix.


There has been a lot of “debate” between the referee’s and Croke Park over the last few weeks. It’s a complete shambles that they’re only nailing things down with the new competitions only days away. It took a local club secretary to point out the misalignment of the rule and the directive from the referees board to cause the debate. It’s a total cock up.


scrap it so

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I hear that a directive was issued to inter county Refs this afternoon telling them that an attacked catching a ball inside the 13 metre line cannot be tackled. If that’s the case very few marks will be made in that area and we will see a lot more goals.
This has the makings of a total balls up.

I predict that there will be a special “special” Congress called in March or April next to reverse this madness.

Can’t be challenged for 4 steps or the time it takes to take 4 steps or goes to play the ball immediately (13m doesn’t come into it at all)

No, not any more, initially yes until rescinded by Central Council this week. Same as everywhere else on pitch now, no challenge until he takes 4 steps or time it takes to take 4 steps or goes to play ball eg bouncee, solo, pass or kick he can then be challenged.

Fcuk it … they might as well take the final step …


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Sin bin great idea.

Mark will be too hard to keep tabs on at club level without umpire/ linesman intervention so can’t wait for the rows on threads later in the year come championship.
Teams will be breeding midfielders now and playing them full back and full forward too!

I think the mark is nonsense. 15 second delay with 13 metres of space on a claimed kick will allow teams plenty of time to take the sting out of games and squeeze teams.

Negative football will be back with a bang. Tyrone will be doubly annoyed to lose mcShane now.

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Not a new rule for this year but the timing of substitutions as currently applied has downsides imo;
The ref, once he gets the word from his colleagues linesman, or other offical, via his earpiece of a substitution, immediately stops the game and allows sub to come on.
For example, last night he awards free to Dubs, when a quickly taken quick free was on the cards to set up a good attacking play.
Ref hears something in his ear and doesn’t allow the team who had been awarded the free pursue their righful advantage. Kerry in this case accure an advantage.
End result is the advantage has been removed and in effect the Dubs penalised rather than rewarded.
This happens a lot in games. Surely the ref should exercise a sensible discretion and stop the game only when the accrued advantage has ended ?.

In the case for inter County games the paperwork needs to be submitted to the sideline official in the first instance, this is required to get the board ready etc, SO then informs referee that a substitute will take place in the next break in play, what needs to be understood is that the referee is the one who allows the sub (communicating to SO to allow the sub in) the ref is aware that a sub is coming in and does not allowed play to recommence. It might look to all in the stands that he is waiting but ref has been informed prior that a sub will take place. There are also instances when a team look to make the sub without paperwork in order or submitted to SO and play has been instructed to continue without the sub been made.

Cheers Mickey-
So the ref does have the discretion to say in my example above “I’ll let the Dubs take the quick free and then allow the Kerry substitute come on when ball next goes dead”?

Sin bin - poor idea.
Teams with strong panels dont get deterred by sin bin offences. Also dilutes the punishment of the foul especially against match officials

The mark - nonsense, 15 second rule even worse.

20m distance etc, crap. To open to error.

I’ve said it for years, instead of a 13m penalty bringing the ball forward, bring 30m forward and EVERY PLAYER knows if they dont tackle fairly and then argue with ref, it’s as good as a score to the opposition. How many times have we seen an obvious foul and yet player fouling still argues? A free on halfway line and subsequent arguing would see the ball moved up to halfway between the “D” and the 45m.

Result of above would be, better tackling, less mouthing and overall improvement in the technical aspects of the whole game etc.

No need for Mark’s, forward Mark’s, forward passing only and sin bins.

Incidentally the 30m was proposed at Eugene McGees special rules conference and was overwhelmingly defeated.

Cos counties do not want to run the risk of 30m penalties against their players for shit tackling and/or mouthing.

Ask any player, take the sin bin or give the opposition 30m gain in free taking position and 95% will say the former.

Huge missed opportunity in my opinion.

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Why would the strength of your panel dictate how well you do with one less player?


I’ll try answer the first bit, the ref has complete anthority over everything, he will tell the SO to allow the sub come in but he needs to be made aware in the first instance that team A are looking to make a change, the county sec is usually the one who will inform the SO of this and present the required paperwork. If I’m reading and understanding you correctly you are asking if a team can try delay a free or quick restart by trying to make an immediate change - this would be very hard to achieve/accomplish


I was goin on last years scenario.

Thank you, got it. Thus the ref last night was the sole actor so to speak who said don’t take a quick free kick Dubs, I am going to allow a substitute come on.

ehh why? You were talking about this years rules?

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Been a long week :+1:

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All good!