2021 All Ireland Hurling Championship

Cody confirmed for another year

Almost certainly his last year. There is growing discontent within the county.

Not surprised. His time is over. He’s only tarnishing his legacy at this stage.

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Probably win the All-Ireland, @alanoc - just to pi$$ you off! Murphy’s Law, etc.


Why would anyone want to get rid of Cody ?

11 All Irelands in the last 20 years

Won Leinster last year with a poor enough squad

They won’t know what they have till he’s gone IMO

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Probably right, but as one of their ex county men said, if it was somone else in charge they be on the chopping block. No all ireland in 5 years and more than likely no all in 6 after this year.


The bigger Cody stat for me is that since he took over in 1999 there were only 6 finals Kilkenny have not been in. So in his 21 years he has guided them to a final on 15 occasions.

I do agree with others though that his old ways are not working in the modern game and unless there is a big change this year that is it.

They don’t have the players in my opinion to change it up too much

Personal wise they’re miles off Limerick and they still managed to beat them 2 years and nab a Leinster last year

They will miss him when he’s gone


I read an article the other day that players aren’t happy with the quality of match analysis. Cody doesn’t strike me as someone who would embrace new tech and ideas with open arms, more look to stick to his ways.

Kilkenny have a poor squad now outside of TJ who’s 34. When he goes or gets injured they are in trouble and are counting on Adrian Mullen to become a star. Can’t see them winning an AI again for quite some time.


Cody’s had stats analyst’s involved for at least 10yrs now.

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I’ve no doubt that he has but I’m just going off that article I read, I’ll try find it. It was the quality of the analysis that I meant wasn’t up to standard.

Edit: this is the one

Kk using analysis for a long time now. Pretty professional set up from what I gather. But the issue was with feedback and the implementation of a plan based on what the data was telling them. The game vs Tipperary in the all ireland. Down to 14 men and bet every ball long and down on barret.

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So, that is 45% of the years in which he has been the manager?

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Limerick,Tipp, Galway have all matched Kilkenny’s physicality in recent years - some have surpassed it. So when it comes down to the hurling side of it now Kilkenny don’t have the best players.

Personally I’d never underestimate Cody, as was said above 15 Finals in 21yrs.
I think the biggest problem they have is who’d be willing to take over from him with his record.

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They are all lining up. DJ, Henry, fennelly and brennan.


Calling they poor is quite harsh comparing the to the other 10/11 teams for Liam McCarthy. I mean maybe compared to Limerick but Limerick will make many teams look average over the next 5 years I suspect.

Donal O’Grady joins the Cork backroom team

I always liked Donal.


Good move by Cork, bit like O’Shea going in with Tipp. I see Dónal Óg gone from Minors.