2021 All-Ireland Ladies Senior Football Final: Dublin vs Meath

The senior and intermediate champions from 2020 battle it now for the 2021 Brendan Martin Cup.

Dublin have quite a few injuries into the build up of the final. Carla Rowe and Niamh Collins didn’t feature at all in the semifinal. Sinead Goldrick made her first appearance back from injury off the bench vs Mayo.

Meath have had a very impressive campaign this year with a late comeback against (Or late collapse by Cork if you prefer) to get to the final. Dublin will still go in as favorites with the depth they have built this year.

I can’t see anything but a Dublin win here.

I think this is a perfect opportunity for them to put in that perfect final performance that the group has been looking to achieve for years or as close to perfect as possible.

Agree,can’t see anything but a dublin victory.cork must be having nightmares over the semi.final

You’d feel sorry for Ephie. Said no-one. Ever.


Injuries to key players is the only issue /concern/ reason for this game .

Hard to see anything other than a Dublin win alright. Are ticket sales bad? I see a big push to sell tickets on Social media and via email from the county board. I won’t be there for the first time in years myself but then I haven’t been to an inter county game for either gender all year.

I hope it sells out but the pod issue makes it more difficult. The LGFA attendance is usually pushed up by clubs bringing groups of kids which won’t be possible this year.

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Did you see the comments Brid Stack made yesterday on the state of ladies’ football?

Ticketmaster made a complete ■■■■ up of the sales lots of people have been days trying to buy tickets .
The distribution not going through clubs will hurt tickets sales too .

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Was this in the examiner ?
Hardly a statement if so .

Don’t think that team will start .

Such confidence and belief in this wonderful team. But, oh God, the All Ireland final nerves have well and truly kicked in. Ath Cliath abu ……

Bad start.

Meath should have had 2 goals from 2 poor kickouts but only punished once

15 for Meath looks like she just woke from the dead she’s so pale. Meath left corner back having a stormer.


Was that not a Dublin penalty?

Off your feet picking the ball off the floor inside the square.

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Enjoying this game big time.

Apologies if this is a dumb question - but was “the mark” not brought into the ladies game?

Thought you can’t pick up from your knees?

Clear peno not given there

Then the Meath player gets a slap on the face and no free

What do you expect when this is the same ref that missed the Carla Rowe point a few years ago