2021 Connacht Senior Football Championship


Mayo v Sligo


Leitrim v Mayo/Sligo

Roscommon v Galway

You would think being they are Connacht champions Mayo would get a bye to the semifinal but I guess it won’t hurt getting a few games under their belt before most likely Galway in the final.

Sligo, then Leitrim. Shockingly tough draw there alright.

Been a few years since we were the “easier” side of the draw. Happy enough to let Galway and Ros dual it out on the other side.

Mayo have tended to have their stumbles (although not lost yet)on the “easier” side in previous years though no ? They got themselves out of jail on more than one occasion danger this year though is no back door if they don’t

There was no back door last year either and we won it. We should make the final. That won’t be an easy game though and could go any way. Mayo/Galway/Roscommon can all beat each other on any given day.

Even when Mayo won those five Connacht titles in a row there were 1 and 2 point wins over Roscommon…Galway were admittedly out at sea those years.

I still smile when thinking of the Hyde in ‘94. Probably as far away as another Leitrim win I’m afraid.

That was a proper championship , Leitrim beat Roscommon Galway and Mayo

O’Connor will have plenty shooting practice to add to his all time top scoring record.


Sligo managed by a former Mayo Maor Foirne, they’ll hit hard if nothing else.

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Well he didn’t do his own county and favours drawing Mayo in a quarter final :sweat_smile:

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It looks appalling. Presume it’s Galway that was dropped back in

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Absolute amateur hour scenes

That’s gas, gotta love the gah!!


It wasn’t about home county - it was about giving his Croke Park overlords what they want - as much advantage as possible for Dublin Senior Footballers.

By giving Mayo and extra game?? :joy::joy: I don’t think Dublin are too worried about facing Mayo or Galway or da Rossies in a potential semi final this year.

If I were ye I’d be worried about the Kerry Group :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’d say they are training like demons.

In Cork jersies?

Nothing’s changed…