2021 Leinster SFC Final Dublin v Kildare Sunday 1st August 4pm Croke Park

Martin McNally from Monaghan appointed referee

Hope he’s not from McNally’s opticians beside the Shelbourne.

A bit of an unknown. Has he ever Refereed a Dublin game before, or a big game for that matter


Hearing positive news on Much and Small for next week.


Anything on McDaid?

No, but that means nothing , only Much and Small were being spoken about.

Having missed my first Dublin based game in years due to a family gathering when we struggled v Meath last week, it now looks like I will effectively miss the Leinster final this coming Sunday.
COVID ticket bubbles etc conspire to put our little pod of 3 somewhere north of Aberdeen in something called section 70something or other in the Cusack stand.
With my eyesight what happens on the pitch will be an enigma wrapped in a mystery.
Would be happier on our own in splendid isolation on a barrierless Hill in our usual spot. Anyway not to be.
Joking aside it will be good to be there live for a change again. And a big thank you to a fellow Hill comrade who sorted tickets for us.

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Any word on a public sale of tickets yet?

It is on RTE ??!


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On ticketmaster now

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Yes, got sorted :+1:t2:

Reading some GAA SF articles today and then gave up … is there any point in us even turning up on Sunday ?.
Looks like this year’s winners are nailed on … Kerry or Mayo.
Cannot remember the holders being written off even before their provincial final is played.

Anyway … glad the hype and pressure is being turned on other teams.

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Why do we get so triggered when other teams get praised? I want to be challenged and want this really huge games so the better the other teams are doing the better it is for all.


Not sure if you were responding to my post … I wasn’t complaining about other teams being praised, rather the fact that we appear for many of what passes as GAA punditry to have been written off already.

Why do you do it to yourself? :joy::joy::joy::joy:

The Media hype around Kerry & Mayo each year does neither of them any good, yes, the build up and expectations created, is great for the Fans, and does give a huge lift to people.

But, Dublin just get on with it. What has IMO been one of our biggest successes, has been the Mindset or Attitude of " If it happens it happens, we gave it a go"

I’m starting to see this in Ulster Football as well, they’ve created the best Competitive Provincial Championship in the Country, and I would class any Ulster County as being a lot closer to beating Dublin than either Mayo or Kerry.


Previous poor form in provincials/qualifiers in recent years for one team in particular has not precluded some massive step ups in them raising their game on the big semi final and final days.
That team is not Kerry or Tyrone or Donegal … it is Mayo.
Admittedly we hammered them last year in the final, but even up to half time of the semi in 2019 and in the previous finals and replays and semis we played them in past 10 years … they, more than any other team bar ourselves, have demonstrated their ability to raise their game massively for the big day.
This is a talent you cannot buy.

We have had it in spades last 10 years. Have we still got enough of it left and the squad to do it again this year ? … only time will tell.
Not sure that Jamesie and Coops and CK have lost their will to win or their ability to play ball … not just yet in any case I hope.

Tickets secured, looking forward to getting back to a big(ish) football game


had a gawk around the kildare form to see if there are any nuggets of info to be found. Not really, and amazingly their leinster football championship thread is a mere 7 pages.

no sign of sports gemma or haunted whatsisname. Thought perhaps they may have been booted out, but when a smap thread about buying cannabis online is still there after a week maybe the admins have also lost interest!!

Newbridge or nowhere, indeed.

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