2021 season

I see juvenile master fixtures are out . They plan on starting March 6th obviously if things go well ( and I know that’s a big if ) . Any word from adult board ???

With split season and the way things are would it be an idea to split leagues into 2 groups of 8 . Top 2 from each group into semis and 2 winners promoted . Bottom 2 in playoff and 2 losers relegated . Gives much more wiggle room as in time . Good start leagues later run off over couple of months but still have meaningful competitions . For example play league April or May to July it’s only 7 games 8 for some 9 for a couple . Run along side county . Then championship Aug with full access to county lads . Just an idea !

Thats a target at least, something to look forward to, good news

Ye that’s what I was thinking at least there’s a plan if doesn’t go ahead so be it . But adult is left in limbo

March 6th is ambitious. But I suppose, if kids are back in schools there is little difference to them being together in classrooms v on a pitch training and playing games. I wonder will the adult schedule follow but I would expect an April start at the earliest for adults

Dont think the problem was the actual games, it was numerous game at once, people congregating in carparks/pitchside

Yeh 6th of March is ambitious, it’s the movement of people they’ll want to stop, clubs mixing etc

Gives Juveniles something to look forward to.

Hopefully this happens we need some good news something to look forward to at least.

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There won’t be games on 6th March. We’ll be lucky to have all kids back in school by then. I doubt even training will be allowed unfortunately


Now Alan, I’m not slagging you or anything, but do you remember in Febuary/March of last year you said there is no way the schools will be closed. How things have changed since then. Hope you were as wrong now as you were then, for the good of course :slight_smile:

There’s no way game will commence in March, that’s just wishful thinking.
Games cannot start until we reach Level 2, we’re at Level 5 at the moment with no prospect of us dropping to Level 4 anytime soon let alone to Level 2. March 6th is only six weeks away, it won’t happen.
If St Patrick’s Day isn’t going to happen, at least it’s not according to the Taoiseach, March 6th matches certainly won’t.


Hopefully training in April and proper games by late April, early May would be great

No one had any idea what we were facing last year.

It’s level five till Easter. That means no games or training. Fair play to Damian et al for their preparation. Wouldn’t expect anything less. But it’s just not going to happen I don’t think.


i agree.

even if numbers are miracously reduced quickly there is nothing happening til after Easter as the public cannot be trusted to remotely behave maturely


Yea, no one had a clue, but you were 100% certain and shutting everyone down that said otherwise last year about the schools shutting. All I’m saying is, I hope you are wrong again :wink:

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I didn’t have a clue. The problem is we have a clue now.


I’d say at adult level you are looking at the same as last year with championships and cups but cups possibly played before championships this year.
I can’t see how leagues can be played as we will be lucky to be back on a pitch by May and they will need to give teams at least 3/4 weeks before games.
Anyway it’s all a guessing game

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Numbers dropping very quickly . Last Sunday over 7000 , today 2121 . 6 weeks to March 6th . Who knows . We all said last year there will be no football etc . If the fall keeps at this rate . The next week will see the high numbers wash tru hospital and then should start dropping . 2000 today not inconceivable to see cases drop by 500 a week . 4 weeks time could be in the low hundreds . I know that’s wishful thinking but it’s possible

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Very little chance at adult level before Easter .

Need a miracle

Schools are the priority not GAA .

It’ll spike again when they open . That will have to be controlled

Then retail . Maybe then gyms and recreational sport

GAA can’t expect to be prioritised ahead of schools and peoples livelihoods

People had a choice at Christmas

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So lads an oul adult championship game and a few pints in a beer garden after isnt out of the question then :joy: