2021 season

Virtual GAA for time being :rofl:


we’ll have to make do with GPA rationed retirements


numbers are dropping quickly , very quickly which offers me hope of matches in March

Matches can only take place in Level 3. We’re not getting there before Easter. You’d need a few weeks training first and that’s not happening any time soon


Late May - September last year we had a really good run of it with very few outbreaks nationally, what’s to say that won’t happen again?

Were only allowed to train in groups from late June then.

Level 3 allows matches in championship only ( strictly speaking - senior championship matches only), it’s Level 2 for all other matches. That could be a while away yet.


End of April / Early May is what we have been guessing here for club training…all depends on speed of vaccine roll out speed and case numbers.

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Senior was clarified as meaning age, i.e. adult level

Matches only in level 2 with restrictions published early December

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Reasonable I’d expect . Matches in June .

Adult games plan is to split the leagues and have 7 league games, apr - july.
Championship starting end aug / start Sept

Where is this plan coming from?

They have to release something I suppose, I’d say we’ll do well to get half the league games though

Can’t see it with level 5 being extended into February

Where did you see that Knock? Level 3 by March, level 2 sometime in April?? Fingers crossed

Hearing similar here in Mayo…league will be split so less games. Start into Champo then. There goes plans for traveling abroad if we are allowed in August/Sept :see_no_evil:

Its not set in stone obviously but thats what aiming for, games back in April / May fingers crossed

Got that from one of the GPO’s.

Be doing well for that to happen. 7/8 league games each (across both codes with some double game weeks) would take up at least 9/10 weeks.

To be honest, I’d like to see last years format, except with the Cups run properly first as a build up to Championships.

A short, snappy season with players and coaches enjoying the best weather on the best pitches with a fair Championship format for all.

Back to proper leagues in 2022.


Last year we didn’t think we’d get back playing games at all, but once things turned and we got on top of things we did get back out, any reason this time won’t be any different? Last year the lockdown kicked in around Paddys Day and we were back training three months later, add in vaccines, what we’ve learned and everything else, if we were to do three months this time we would be back out there in late March, early April.