2021 Ulster Senior Football Championship

Preliminary round

Down v Donegal


Down/Donegal v Derry

Armagh v Antrim

Monaghan v Fermanagh

Tyrone v Cavan

Donegal will have to go the scenic route. Tough draw for Cavan too.

Three weakest teams all drawn away from home. This is Tyrone’s to lose in my view. First round game of Donegal v Down should be good.

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If Cavan manage to beat Tyrone give up on football this year , need a strong Tyrone or Donegal to come through

Up the Farney! Hoping for something from them for my better half and father in law, both massive fans despite living in tyrone for years

Down could well take Tír Chonaill

Donegal on top so far against Down

Pairc Esler is a lovely looking ground

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What did we do to deserve Canning and McStain? They are beyond awful. It’s a wonder they don’t have Carney on as well. Fcuking Trifecta of fluless cuckers.

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Murphy gone off for Donegal

“The loser is out of inter-county action presumably until the leagues next year”

No fuckin shit Ger


Watch it on bbc2

Amount of steps for the Donegal goal is fucking ridiculous

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12 steps for that goal

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No Nelly Kelly. I stream all the games. BBC streams are usually not great. I turned the sound down.

Even Canning counted up as far as eight. That was very good. Two more and he would have counted all the way to ten.


All too common in gaa where a player being tackled or fouled is allowed to foul the ball themselves rather than bringing the ball back for a free, some sort of unwritten advantage rule

Yea, allow an extra step or two, maybe even three but this was at least 12 :joy:

As if down aren’t up against it already.

Yeah 12 is a farce. It’s it’d a good tackle its a fre for overcarrying and if it’s a foul you have to give the free in as the player being fouled has fouled the ball. There’s no inbetween rule


Watching it with sound off on rte

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I know that it wasn’t much of a match but having to listen your men and their bullshit just grates on me.

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