2022 All Ireland Hurling Championship

Bum note to start the year. Massive loss to Tipp despite his advancing years. Some trophy haul, though they had enough to win a couple more Liams for sure. 2 All time greats in himself and his namesake Brendan gone, serious rebuild job ahead down in Tipp now


That is a massive blow to tipp alright. Limerick would seem to be well ahead and everyone else fighting for second place, which is wide open.

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Loved watching him hurl, a loss to the game

Super player but played a little over the edge

Not sure Michael Rice will send him a best of luck retirement card

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Poor Michael, at least maher didn’t strike a ref and playing on the edge is what winners do

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It was one of the poorest strokes I’ve ever seen on a hurling pitch

No excuse for it in my estimation. Was a mile over the edge

More or less ended his career

There were plenty of poor strokes handed out over the years. No less by KK men

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You’ll go a long way to find one


Peader carton on curran.

In February ffs lads (examiner), limerick are 0-2 I wouldn’t go bigging up results against them yet.


There’s a serious issue in the G.A.A. with letting players move on when their time is up!


Its just making a storey where there isnt one. Filling space.


Galway beat Limerick last year too

Ended up AI champions

Oh wait … maybe not

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So we are onto Champo now. Waterford and Limerick final IMO, Waterford might well put an end to their reign this time around

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Its the obvious one, but there’ll be s twist in it yet id say. Great its starting in 2 weeks.


Waterford were 11/2 with bookies before the final and still are. Crazy good value IMO. Going in for a hundo each way myself.


Hard to believe the Championship is starting already

Some tasty ties on this weekend - Wex v Galway will be interesting, loser in real trouble already. Waterford v tipp should be good and Cork v Limerick tomorrow.