2022 All Ireland Hurling Championship

Was previous talk of Davy sister taking the role.

For ■■■■ sake. Like a fucking mafia family

Didn’t hear great reports about his cork tenure either . Management style quite old school

Hasn’t a bad track record with teams to be fair to him

He wasn’t popular with the Wexford players during his tenure either. What I heard would be fairly descriptive of pure ignorance now and I’d trust the fella telling me as he’s a quiet fella. Felt he was bullied off the squad- ridiculous carry on like

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Well I know of plenty young fellas here that have crossed paths with him over the years and have plenty of time for him.

I think with Meyler a big thing is if he rates you or not

He’d be very Justin Mc Carthy like whereby he’d have 18 players and the rest are just training fodder really

Interesting how quick Cork moved to quash any noise early. Dublin taking the quiet approach.
Kingston & Kenny will still be in their jobs in 2023

Id have thought he had long enough down there at this stage they seem to be getting worse. It makes sense to keep management on/let them go though at an early stage to allow whoever is in charge to prepare early for next year.

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Mk definitely wants to stay.

Is going to!

100% I wouldn’t have that as a model for underage development personally!

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When he managed Wexford and they beat Dublin in a replay, i think it was, just before Daly’s tenure, he said something along the lines of ‘Wexford would never lose to Dublin’ or something like that and thinking he was out of order for being so disrespectful; so based on that could see the ‘ignorant’ adjective being appropriate.

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And when he was in one of Wexfords better clubs recently, he got them relegated

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Ah here are you serious?

What I’m hearing.

This is exactly it. I trained under him so can clarify that he is a bit ignorant but I wouldn’t be calling him a pig. He has his 16 players or so and has (well had anyway) no respect for other panel members. The chickens came home to roost in 2018 semi against Limerick when he brought back on an injured Harnedy and Kearney in Extra time, which would suggest he still doesn’t trust his subs. If he has time for you great but he’s no interest in improving lads that are not making the team.


What have the John Meylers…ever done for us?

Wonder what the ccc will.make of armagh v galway in light of clare and galway players not appearing.

DRA will overturn any imposed suspensions you’d think

Only suspensions that matter are Galway suspensions. They were more sinned against than sinning. Galway player sent off during row was mistaken identity by the umpires. He remonstrated with Kelly from Armagh (alleged gouger) but didn’t strike him. It was a Galway sub who did that. At that stage the Galway sub was on the ground with several Armagh players/ subs on top of him.