2022 All Ireland Hurling Championship

Brian eh. So he truly is the messiah

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He clearly knows a lot more about KK hurling than you do. That’s all really.

What are u on about? :thinking::roll_eyes:

Michael fennelly let go from offaly.

Him and lyng for the cats

And that’s relative to what in the posts I and Outsider had exchanged? As so often you dived in clueless and out of context and decided to use it to have a rant.
And sure there’s loads of people on loads of threads that you post away on with your uniquely definitive proclamations, sorry, opinions who know vastly more than you do on the subjects. Talk about a pot with a brass neck calling a kettle black :blush:

Sounds as if you are in your flowers again. Not to worry.

It’s humour Outsider. Kk should try it some time. Life of Brian. Yis do get th’aul forrdden tv there these days? Or is not allowed coz of compulsary hurling training camp?

At least I’m nearly through the menopause, you’ve no excuse for yer neurotic dysregulated ramblings. And then you’ll have all of the change ahead of you, poor pet :blush:

I’ve never seen life of Brian so that went completely over my head tbf :joy::joy:

Never even heard of it? :laughing: Fair fooks, rock on Tommy!

Heard of it but never watched it! :joy:

She/her/they gets very bad after sherry. There is no point trying to understand.

Yer just bullin coz ya ran out of sherry this morning

martin fogarty believed to be strongly in the running for kilkenny job


Would be really interesting…has he managed much? Superb coach.

Was over Kilcormac for 9 months

With Mick Dempsey as a selector and Cody as the sports psychologicalist / motivational coach

Lyng in anyway. Good appointment with minimal disruption to the set up