2022 Connacht Senior Football Championship

London and New York return to the Connacht Championship after 2 years away while Mayo going for 3 in a row and will meet Galway in the quarterfinals in a heavyweight clash early on in the Championship.


April 17

London v Leitrim
New York v Sligo

April 24

Mayo v Galway

One point lead for Leitrim at the half. London got the last 3 points of the opening half. Ryan O’Rourke has the goal for Leitrim.

Andy Moran starts out with a win in his first Connacht tie as a manager.

The big one coming up shortly in Manhattan. Nua Eabhrac ebu!

Sligo up by 1 at half time, 10 to 1-8.
Are you at it OHM ?

No that’s too far for me unfortunately.

Radio commentary - Sligo GAA Archives - Ocean FM

It’s happening. Pat Spillane commentating on Pat Spillane. 10 minutes remaining. Sligo up by just 1 point… Sligo 1-11 New York 0-13

Level now, 8 min to go

Shock on the cards!!

NY were decent. Just wasted so many attacks with sloppy mistakes or bad final passes. I’d say Sligo could be in for a hiding next round. But sure what’s new.

Watched part of the game, really don’t know why they persist with this, a pitch that is not a gaa pitch, a NY team with lads that are from every county in Ireland and a few that are just off the boat. Sligo on the other hand are struggling big time to try to have a decent team and are sent out to play a game that is no win for the lads on the field, win and they only beat NY, lose and they are the laughing stock. I hope the Sligo lads at least had a good trip, but sporting wise it is a joke, even the clash of Jerseys was a joke

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Junket for the western county boards with a chance to fundraise is all this game is about. Would be better if they paid for New York to come back to a neutral venue in Ireland.

NY never would in the past because of Visa issues with some of their lads , problems getting back after . Not sure if that’s still a consideration

Gaelic park isn’t the greatest ground I agree, this game traditionally isn’t close but its huge for expats. What chance have Carlow/Wicklow in Leinster, Waterford footballers in Munster etc.
Why do they persist with these games? not sure if you’ve been to Gaelic park or Canton in Boston, but Gaelic games are thriving in the States and plenty of other places, even Spain?
Have you ever played or are you a member of a club? The ethos of the GAA and what it stands for(promotion of Gaelic games for all people anywhere)
The GAA is not just the All Ireland football/Hurling championships! NY taking part in the competition is huge for the clubs in the city, and great for the underage kids taking part in our games. NY even contributed to our recent 6 in a row- Shane Carthy played underage with Dublin/NY GAA. That’s why we persist with this game! No knock on you bigp but i disagree with your flippant analysis of the games abroad. Biggest clash of jerseys was Leinster/Connacht rugby this weekend.


It has been going on long enough now to at least not need lads just off the plane to be representing NY, I don’t see the sense in playing lads that are just out there for a year or two, field a team of lads from NY or at least lads based there permanently . It is all well and fine pointing out what is in it for NY, but think of the set back it would be for Sligo had they lost yesterday .

Good piece here on NY. Are using local lads more now according to this.

Think they had four home grown lads in the end. I understand the idea of lads wanting to play GAA when away etc, but you can do that without playing inter county. It is all ok while they are losing, but imagine, however unlikely, they started to attract top class players and started to beat big counties, would that be acceptable? Nobody cares if they beat the Sligo’s of this world, but if a combination of all stars sent Dublin or Kerry packing I don’t think it would take long for rule changes

I don’t feel too strongly about it but there is a history of them participating in the inter county scene in one form or other.

Don’t feel strongly about it myself, just thoughts that came to mind while watching it and I would have felt sorry for the sligo lads had they lost

It’s not a great set up for Sligo or Leitrim to travel there agree , not practical for NY to travel to Ireland either apparently. The unevenness of the Competition infrastructure on display here again.

The pitch was a bit of joke too, it was less than the minimum width according to to commentators, astro turf and coloured markings all over it, not sure if it was because construction work was going on or if it is always the same pitch