2022 Leinster Senior Football Championship

Changing it back to Sky Blue & Navy after borrowing it but not using it last year? :smile:

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Kildare v Westmeath

Meath v Dublin

Meath it is. Venue tbc tomorrow

Navan or nowhere.

Don’t mind a road trip, but hope we don’t get Navan, it’s a kip.

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Yeah it’s a brutal ground. Croker double header I d say .

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Croker double header would be easiest for all to be fair


I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s fixed for Tullamore. There’s a move on to keep Dublin out of Croker.

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Can Navan host a double header though? Plus Meath just had a home game.

Hopefully it’s not in Croke Park it’s awful half full, game will be a non contest there (probably anywhere)

Nice incremental increase in opposition , then on to Kildare another increment up


Tiullamore or Portlaois be grand.

Double Header in Croker despite all the talk I’d bet

If the Leinster GAA believe they can get 10k plus for both games in Tullamore or Portlaoise then I think they consider it. If not it’s 100 percent going to be in Croker.

Play it in Garristown


Or balgriffin

Great spot for photographers


Game 2 of 6. Meh.
Game 3 of 6. Kildare or Westme
Kildare must be justifiable favourites for this joust. Their chastening of Dublin in the League will have emboldened them into believing that the flour bags are the best team in Leinster. They gave up and coming and newly promoted Loud a fair trimming yesterday too.
Lest we forget, Kerry haven’t won an All Ireland for 8 years and they were poxed to win that. This year represents the Flour Bags best chance to win an All Ireland since 1999.

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What was the name of the reporter or photographer that broke that story on the lockdown training ?

Kevin Doyle I think ?

Imagine the shitshow if we were to go ahead and win the all ireland after getting relegated from div1 and currently no cry to split us in 2 since last summer! Cant see it happening myself but you never know.

Be some craic!


Frank Roche