2022 Munster Senior Football Championship

Hard to have any sympathy for Cork. Not like it’s things outside of their control stopping the game in Cork

Those GPA expenses have to come from somewhere. May as well be idiot music fans with no taste I suppose

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Game moved to Killarney.

Quarterfinals on April 30th

Clare v Limerick (in Ennis)

Waterford v Tipperary (in Dungarvan)

Kerry would be better off playing it in Cork on the smaller pitch. They won’t have a test until the quarters, maybe even the semi.

With Dublin in transition it will be handy All Ireland for kerry.

Could be but I think Mayo and Tyrone are better in the trenches than Kerry. I don’t see either of them as an an easy day in the office. Mayo are hampered by ■■■ and Conroy being absent, but still no pushover.

The fucking cheek of them talking about the values of the GAA. Where do they think the money that pays their expenses, which they may well strike to get more of, comes from?

■■■■ them.

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Fake account

At least your honest.

You don’t say ! :roll_eyes:

I’ve seen it posted all over the place with plenty of people assuming it’s actually him.

Yes well, we Dubs clearly have more brain cells than most. We also know you don’t spell Spillane with 2 e’s.


Not all of readers much less Dubs, read other threads about the same parody account

Anyway I don’t think the Kerry players nor Jack and his team care where this match is played. Bit of a circus.

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Keith Ricken taking a sabattical for the rest of the 2022 season for personal reasons

Was Cleary the manager a lot of the Cork football crowd have wanted to get the job over the last couple of appointments? Ricken had a health issue recently did nt he? Best wishes to him seems a decent bloke .



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