2022 NFL, Rd 2, Dublin vs Kerry, Saturday Feb 5th, Tralee, 7PM, RTE 2

Won’t know until closer to the game but might have two or three spare depending on work. They are ST tickets

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Thanks. Keep me in mind. Much appreciated

Looking for a few to buy if any season
Ticket holders have spare.

“Currently” sold out.

Never heard of such a phrase. Smacks of more tickets to be released. Odd.


The legal interpretation of that means …… let’s sell as many as we can to the locals then if any are left, we’ll consider the Dubs


Need to get team selection right for this one. Can’t go with that FB again. We’d be eaten alive. And is Comerford big enough to be a present day county goalie. Since the square ball rule has changed the physical presence of the goalie is more important than ever. Comerford is not very tall and he’s quite slight. Just wondering!


Kildare Dublin match ticket link before they sell out too.

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He’s an inch taller then cluxton …


Thanks for that . Its not working for me either, technical issues !
Not having much ticket luck today

Is Lane the ref?

Yeah he is. Ffs …

As a bloke I once worked with used to say … I don’t mind you shi**ing on my head - just don’t rub it in.


For anyone interested Dub v a Kildare tickets available at the minute. Just managed to get 4 tickets.

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Doo, and indeed, med.

Anyone have 2 spare tickets to the game on Saturday in kerry?

password reset not working on ticketmaster link, cant get in at all.

   That's like me last night. Then she whispered, 'do you want a wa*k?'

So I said,
‘Yeah go on. Fcuk the tickets.’

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did ye have any joy on the tickets front

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Judging by the scarcity of post on this thread, many like myself have a sense of foreboding when it comes to this game. Of course, the losing team will probably be written off by the media. If we play well and win, the Dubs are back, the conveyor is back on and we probably got a financial injection just in time to steady the ship.

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Just take it as read we won’t win

If we put a good performance in that’s enough I think

All the pressure is on Kerry this weekend . Dublin have zero pressure this weekend

From Kerry angle

  • new manager
  • Dublin at home
  • Kerry were shite last weekend
  • Dublin missing at least 6 first choice players

The kingdom expects


No. Unfortunately not. Still looking for 2 tickets if anyone hears of any available.