2022 NFL, Rd 2, Dublin vs Kerry, Saturday Feb 5th, Tralee, 7PM, RTE 2

I’m not convinced. Dublin (and the new management) haven’t had a good performance since the replay in 2019. 2020 was lacklustre and we won playing a relatively inexperienced Mayo in the final. We were effective rather than very good. Last year was a shambles as we know and last week was more fuel to the fire. Dublin hadn’t lost two consecutive games in Croker for a decade prior to that. I think there is big pressure on Dessie. Angry Jack is just in and will obviously have to be given sometime to bed in and find his best team. Dessie has had that time and we seem to be going backwards. With a further loss, the mumbling will get louder.


and we’ve alot of player’s still out

This fixture means as much as it ever did at this time of the year. Bragging rights. Sin é.

Completely take your point but we have to look at the game in isolation in my view

Can we really expect to win away from home missing half a team against a top 4 side

I’m not sure . Even second choice forwards aren’t available like Aaron Byrne aren’t fit

It’s quite likely we will be dipping into numbers 25-27 on the panel

I have my reservations about the setup but we have to be fair too

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Our FB line was a shambles v Armagh. Never saw such loose marking at this level. Any repeat of that and we could be in for a bit of a trimming in Tralee


If people are looking for tickets get onto lads you know that have season tickets and may not be travelling. They’ll already have the ticket for that game and may not use it

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I’ll be only too happy to take season tickets for anyone who needs them swiped through :wink:

Im shiteing meself. Im expecting a hiding. There I said it. vilify me. kill me. ban me. But I cant shake the feeling they will have a comprehensive victory. I hope Im wrong and if I am I swear as god is my witness Ill say 6 decades of the rosary.


They weren’t great against Kildare but you’d imagine they’ll be better at home against the Dubs for sure

Oh they will… the will of the culchie world will be willing it.

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I gave my brother in laws tickets to a friend. He has 2 juvenile tickets if you want to chance your arm?

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And we will be better against them too :wink:

They’ve 6/7 playing Sigerson this week

Okunbor injured for the long term

Not sure they’ll be as fresh as some think

I think there is equal pressure on both sides, not huge pressure on either, but a loss for either will bring on more unwanted pressure. I think a lot of the reasons people are giving for a result one way or the other could be applied to both teams, for example on what grounds do people feel we could get a trimming, did Kerry not have a poor year last year also, not to mention the year before, were Kerry not pretty stale last week against a side that most would have seen as weaker than Armagh prior to the games? I think the only real factor that favours Kerry is that they are at home, other than that on what we have seen recently it is hard to call, anything could happen.
I kind of agree with Jack that a good performance would be enough, but winning is a habit and 3 losses on the trot would not be helpful in that respect.


I would like to see us lay down a marker.


With all the injuries, what is the FF line likely to be?

a marker -snakey digs, late tackles, bating the head off their smallest lad in the tunnel, etc?

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Rock …. And two others

Con , Small , CC and Byrne all unavailable it seems

This is the point I’m making

We aren’t beating Kerry in Tralee with a 3rd string FF line

Dean is half fit too

Dean looked rusty as the other night. Tralee is not the place to be picking up match practice.

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Hope you are right Jack.

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