2022 NFL, Rd 5, Dublin v Tyrone, Sunday Mar 13th,Omagh, 3.45pm, TG4

Pivotal game , lose and we’re as good as gone

Win and we could scrape in to next years Div 1

Fully expect a battling performance from Dublin but to come up 3/4 points short again

No Con again

Can’t recall the last time there was this little interest . Must be about 1999


I think these times are putting everyone to the test , hard to get worked up for sport etc with all the shite going on, I’d imagine it is even hard for players to keep focussed.
On the game, for me it will give us a real idea of where we are, we have had a two week break to sort things out, I am not expecting us to suddenly be like 2019, but if there isn’t a noticeably change in form I reckon getting out of Leinster will be our max. This game is a must win and it should be treated as such, if the lads aren’t motivated by the risk of relegation,well hard to see what will motivate them


Very much under the radar ,wondering why and came up with a few bits , in no particular order
Style of play
People getting on with other things since end of COVID so to speak
People heading to club games
Lack of a connection with current team in that there’s been a massive overhaul of personnel, many familiar faces no longer there
Weathers been shit
Constantly being told it’s all about championship so save your money for that
Truth is can’t say could be none of above

Add in you’ve the premiership on going , rugby on going , Cheltenham next week


stayin in division 1 should be enough motivation, there’s 6 pts up for grabs, very do-able

McCarthy and Costello should be available going by the paper this morning.

Add in the 2 weeks where Cooper and Fitzsimons can get up to speed a bit more, and Farrell can work on things.

Big game so hopefully there is a response and some manner of a performance.

Costello played for Whitehall last weekend.


Weather is really shit …

What a climate …

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We need him back.

Any sign of POCB for Cuala last weekend?


Composure, strength to hand off two defenders and then the god given ability to kick an out side of the boot point from 40, top class

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I suspect we won’t see his like again for a very long time. If at all


When Dublin was ruthless, Dublin don’t even shoot from that distance in a match anymore :joy:

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Would love to see POCB, he was heading in the right direction and I think he offers way more then Lahiff

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Not in our lifetime anyway

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So, he’s officially retired? Is that what you are saying?

Can’t imagine there’ll ever be an official announcement. But I’m not sure we’ll see him again.

Didn’t play, was on the bench

That is an awful pity if true. I get the man has won everything there is to win with club and county and perhaps other aspects of life outside of football are taking priority but he can still do a job for vinnies seniors and realistically has a few more years left in him. The club scenes loss without him togging out

I suspect these days there is actually too much coaching going on and not enough naturally talented players coming up in which he was one. This is what we miss now.

Im not at all hopeful of a rssult against Tyrone up in Omagh. They probably have 5 or 6 scoring threats versus our 2 or 3 if costello is back