2022 NFL, Rd 6, Dublin vs Donegal, Sunday Mar 20th, Croke Park, 3:45pm, TG4

Lets hope can follow up last Sunday performance with another win this weekend. Any word on Paddy Small or Peadar O’Cofaigh Byrne injuries? Cormac Reilly is down to referee game.


Nearly everyone back now, no more cavalry left to arrive really except for Con. I’d echo another thread that Donegal are awful, horribly coached and setup and playing a style that is way outdated to the modern game. This should be an easy win

Sticking in back to back wins is only slightly more important than getting in a full game’s worth of performance.

I know conditions were not favouring a full 70 minute scoring performance, but we are tailing off in games alot in this campaign , and alot of the positives of the opening half were muted by a dismal second half tally.

If we get to halves of what we dished out to Tyrone in the first half, we will absolutely put Donegal to the sword.


they done alright against tyrune and an horrible gale a couple of weeks ago but if we can get even 60 minutes like the 1st half against Tyrone we’ll be grand

I haven’t watched our Tyrone game back but from live viewing, we were very good in first half but also quite poor in the second, especially up front. We’ll need to play well for longer in games. I do think there is a more consistent performance comming though.

One third of our starting forward line due back yet imo.

We will have competition for places which will keep lads on their toes.

Donegal are due a good game. Surprised with Stephen Rochford in their coaching set up how negative their play is.

it was a small enough crowd in healy Park apart from the stand, i wonder will we get 20k on Sunday

I say a lot will be missing if can’t reschedule club game Sunday afternoon.

Will this be the latest in a long history of The Dubs Taking Donegal For Granted in major games?
92 All Ire Final.
2014 Semi-final
Maybe a bit in the 2011 Semi-final?
Does it all stem back to the daylight robbery league game in 92??


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that’s a cracker

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And anyone invoking the HP abomination on here deserves forty lashes of Wee Máirtín McHugh’s tongue!

Seriously though, in major games where they got talked up as much or more than us, it seems the reverse has happened. I can recall the 93 Lg Final, 02 AI Qtr final and 2016 Qtr Final. Donegal fairly fancied in the first two, and well-talked up in the latter.

Now I know this is ‘only’ a regulation league game. But it will probably decide relegation… Our record against them is, at best, chequered…

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2 wins, nothin else will do and then its in the hands of the gods

Our record against them in the league is excellent, especially in Croke Park. I can’t remember the last time we lost at home to them in the league. However, as you say, not a county we should underestimate based on past experience.

We’re trying to play a kicking games that gets quick ball into the forwards. Donegal are still hand passing up the pitch. It will be interesting to see how we get on.

just lookin at the table there, Tyrone could also be in trouble with mayo and kerry to play

Tyrone really need to beat Mayo. Despite their form i have a feeling, they might get a reaction and actually beat them as much as it’s better for us if Mayo win. I’m not sure Horan will be all out for the rest of the league.

yeah I think it’d suit us better for mayo to win provided we win and then Tyrone travel to kerry

Jimmy’s winning matches!